Techsuit Warfare VI

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The cube unfurls, becoming a massive grey wolf, seven feet in length. Its teeth would've crushed bone even if they weren't metallic, and the claws look lethal. There appears to be a psi-disrupter in its throat as well. "SCAR is now a grey wolf, Master Manassa."
I nod. "Call me Kayle. What are you armed with in this form? I see the psi-disrupter."
"SCAR Grey Wolf Form, armed with cyanide syringe claws, homing retractable grappling hook teeth, psionic disrupter, and flamethrowers behind eye sockets." It faces Kayle. "Will that be all, Master Kayle?"
I find Dani not far from where I had left her.
"So apparently Talia and Natalie decided to ship themselves over here so the don't miss the wedding. Seems like more and more people I know end up showing up around where I am."
Dani shrugs. "Kinda made it known we were getting married. Donna's coming, Elijah might, Tombstone is making the cake, the Regulators are working on your bachelor party . . ."
I shake my head at hearing that the Regulators were working on my bachelor party.
"The Regulators are planing that. For the love of Terra I am not even sure I want to know what they have planed. Also I figured more people would be involved but I didn't think like this."
I nod my head. "Yes. whatever it is you do when you're not busy. I may see a need to change your form later."
Dani laughs. "Who'd you expect to get involved? Neither of us have family, I don't really know anyone outside of Poltergeist and Aiur, and you didn't send any invites."

SCAR beeps. "I follow my master." The wolf walks behind Kayle, nuzzling him.
I chuckle and rub it's ears. "That's fine with me." I head out and find Flint. "Hey Flint, check out the new toy!"
SCAR barks. It freezes up- it is standing over some tunneling creature that moved Poistone under its feet
I sigh. Never a break around here. I heave the wolf up and set it in front of me, reactivating it. "You ok?"
"I am undamaged, Master Kayle. I must be more cautious. Do not move, Master." Kayle finds himself standing surrounded by poistone. The circle is expanding, and SCAR backs off, finding its disrupter useless.
"What the hell?" I look at SCAR. "SCAR, Dragon form."
SCAR unfurls into an eighteen foot dragon, with four powerful legs and a pair of mighty wings. "Dragon form achieved, Master Kayle." This looks even more lethal, as the flames capable of being belched from its throat leave the scent of fuel hanging in the air.
"Get in the sky, I'll be right behind you." I place a hand on the ground and start focusing, seeing if I can find our burrowing friend, then shake him up out of the ground.
As Kayle reaches, there appears to be a pair of large creatures, apparently trying to gain a foothold as the soil they stood on is falling away. SCAR leaps into the air, its large wings beating heavily.
"Got ya." I cause a pillar of stone to fly up beneath them, sending the creatures into the air. "SCAR, do your thing." I activate my jetpack and fly into the air, slamming into one of the creatures.
SCAR quickly burns the scorpionlike creatures to an unrecognizable crisp, proceeding to sadistically shred them apart. "Will that be all, Master Kayle?" The eminently calm female voice puts an emphasis on 'Kayle', a kind of loving, reverent tone accompanying the word, yet still retaining the mechanical calm previously expressed.
I nod. "We'll need to find somewhere to land though. Don't wanna put down where all that Poistone is."
SCAR nods. "Of course, Master Kayle. May I recommend the bunker?"

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