Techsuit Warfare VI

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"That'll work." I head over, then radio Flint as a just in case. {Hey Flint, careful coming back. There's Poistone all over near where I was just standing.}
SCAR turns. "Who are you speaking with, Master Kayle?"
"John Flint...Sr. Almost forgot his son is named after him."
SCAR keeps flying. "I see, Master Kayle."
"Don't worry, SCAR, he's trustworthy. How many different forms can you take anyways?"
"I am programmed with 84.2 million distinct forms, any of which can be switched to at a moment's notice." SCAR begins to dip lower. "Including Human, Master Kayle."
I nod. "Activate human when we're on the ground." I spot the bunkers. "We're almost there."
SCAR lands. As it (she?) was told, SCAR reshapes into a 5'4" woman, with light blue eyes and platinum grey hair. "Do you want anything else, Master Kayle? I exist to serve."
I land and gawk a little. Not what I expected. "Ummm....Let's go take a breather. I used a little more energy than I had anticipated throwing those scorpions into the air."
SCAR nods. "Understood, Master Kayle. Might I provide you with dessert?" The forearm slides open, revealing sealed fruit packets.
I chuckle. This could be fun. Wonder why Uncle never mentioned it before? "Sure, got... raspberry?"
SCAR pulls out a raspberry packet, and hands it to Kayle. As her arm slides shut, Joan approaches. "Kayle!" SCAR, perceiving a threat, knocks the Commander unconscious. "Threat neutralized, Master Kayle."
I sigh. "That was the Commander, SCAR. Please wake her up."
SCAR nods, but apparently is not pleased with the order. SCAR roughly shakes Joan awake. "Wha'happen?" SCAR smiles. "Elegant."
I almost laugh, but I'm also slightly concerned. This could also be a bit of a hassle. "Joan, meet SCAR, the package Uncle sent me."
Joan grumbles. "Sure, YOU get one." SCAR looks almost sad. "One? What do you mean?" Joan shrugs. "Yeah, to get a SCAR is a real great gift." It seems that SCAR would be crying, if capable. "A gift?" SCAR turns to Kayle. "Am I a gift, Master Kayle?"
I shake my head. "You're a friend. Not a gift." I face Joan. "What's up?"
Joan smiles. "That stuff out there, I thought I'd be bringing in a nine year old or something." SCAR smiles as well. "Thank you, Master Kayle. Take note now that biological engineering means I'm capable of doing anything the current species I am formed as is." SCAR leans closer. "Anything." Joan wrinkles her nose. "Don't touch him. I'm sure he doesn't want cold metal touching him." SCAR turns red. "Shut up, Commander!"
I sigh in exasperation. "SCAR, nows not the time. I'm fine Joan. I actually just had an idea. SCAR, could you maybe revert me back to my original age?"
SCAR accesses its (her?) files. "No known way to reverse the effects of poistone. Sorry, Master Kayle." Joan shakes her head. "Fine, have your night with an obsessed robot." SCAR eyes Joan coldly. "I am not a robot. I am an emotional mechanical intelligence. And I am not obsessed."

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