Techsuit Warfare VI

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I sigh. Joan was married, and I never said that would happen. "Joan, calm down. I never said that was gonna happen. For now, where is the next target, because I learned something useful from our teleporting friend?"
Joan shrugs. "It's weird. Frankly, SCAR weirds me out, because I don't remember them being installed with carnal desires." SCAR opens her mouth, but Joan clamps a hand down. "And our next target is undesignated. We're done for now."
I smirk. "No we're not. I have the location of their leader. Two leagues east of here, in a fortress between the forest and plains."
Joan grins. "Excellent. Bring it along, too. You never know when you might need a SCAR." SCAR looks like it would have cried a little. "I am not an it!" Joan raises an eyebrow. "And a defective one at that. Overemotional." SCAR looks extremely depressed. "I'm not defective. Really I'm not."
I sigh. "Joan, please stop. Now's not the time to mess with anyone's head. Now, we'll need a strike team, and nothing larger. We want to get the f*cker this time, not let him escape."
Joan shrugs. "Just saying, maybe you should send it back, get a replacement." SCAR's eyes go wide. "Master Kayle would never . . ." Joan stares SCAR down. "You are a machine. He may replace you or throw you away with no remorse." SCAR looks at Kayle pleadingly. "I'm . . . I'm not broken. Don't throw me away. Please, Master Kayle?" Joan shakes her head. "Anyway, point taken. Myself, you, and Flint."
I look at SCAR. "No, I wouldn't and I won't. She comes as well. Now, plan of infiltration?"
Joan looks confused. "Who she?" SCAR hugs Kayle joyfully. "Yay! I shall do everything I can for you, Master Kayle!" Joan smirks. "You do that anyway. Kayle, I was thinking we use the tunnels. Yeah, they're collapsed in places, but we can assault their fortress from the inside, and take him by surprise."
I think for a moment, returning the hug. "We'd need a sonar reading of them first. Check the structural integrity of the remaining tunnels first. Maybe even spot guards." I then look at SCAR. "You'll be fine, alright? Words are words, and nothing more."
Joan nods. "I'm sure we'll be fine on guards for a while, but the tunnels might have very little structural integrity, and with a 250-pound SCAR, we'll need to take tougher tunnels." SCAR nods. "Okay, Master Kayle. I was programmed with emotions, and I guess they get the better of me. Apologies, Master Kayle." Joan feigns a cough. "Defective!"
I give Joan a piercing stare then return my attention to SCAR. "You know, you need a name other than SCAR. How's Julia?"
SCAR nods. "If you wish to call me Julia, Master Kayle, I shall take the name." Joan shakes her head in disbelief. "Would you name your washing machine?"
I glare down Joan. "Sometimes you have to accept that something is more than it seems. And from now on Julia, just Kayle, no master."
Julia shakes its/her head. "I wouldn't be comfortable with that, Master Kayle. Unless you'd prefer another title?" Joan chuckles. "SCAR machines must constantly reaffirm their subservient position, thanks to refitting so they won't go berserk."
I sigh. "Master is fine. I'll go find some sonar gear, Joan. Come on, Julia."
Kreis interrupts. "I found her like that, it's short term from what I've managed to find out. So don't worry to much."

I sit down next to the fire. "So when do we...go back to this base?"
Julia skips forward. "Absolutely, Master Kayle!" Joan smiles. "She will never be your friend, because she's never gonna be your equal."
I ignore the comment. "I'm gonna fix that...some way."
The Falcon member gestures. "Right now, if I carry you."

Julia stands beside Kayle, and Joan follows
I stood up and walked over to the Falcon Member. "If we must."

Kreis just stayed silent as he started to mediate.


Drac I might have to do something that I will regret in doing. I might have to leave this RP so I'm not scrambling or something.

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