Techsuit Warfare VI

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Walking into the supply closet, I start looking around. "Julia, check the other side please."
Nah, you haven't missed much. You shouldn't pull out.

He puts her on his back. "Hold on, Commander." He begins to violently shake, and appears on the other side of the planet, in the ruined fortress.

Julia nods. "Yes, Master Kayle." She walks around. "Is this what we're looking for?" She holds up a portable sonar device usually attached to small vehicles.
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Dani laughs. "Who'd you expect to get involved? Neither of us have family, I don't really know anyone outside of Poltergeist and Aiur, and you didn't send any invites."

I sigh. "Point taken though I do have family. They just haven't seen me in over forty years."
I telekintecally push away all the poistone.
"Besides a trip to earth just to visit them would probably prove unfitting since I haven't aged much since my alterations."
Dani nods. "I meant family who was, y'know, around."
I nod. "Well done. That would be exactly what we need."
"I figured as much. So what day and time do you have planned Dani?"
Julia jumps for joy. "I knew I was useful, Master Kayle!" Joan cleans her ears. "Volume is turned too high, Kayle. That could be a liability."

Dani smiles. "Time permitting, tomorrow at sunset."
"Alright sounds good. Oh and I won't miss it this time I promise you that." I smile back at Dani.
She gives him a light punch on the arm. "Good. You wouldn't believe how much it hurt me when you didn't show."
"I think I'd have an idea but I don't want to find out. There isn't anything that will keep me from being there Dani and trust me I won't let anything keep me from showing up."
Dani raises an eyebrow. "What do you mean, you have an idea?" She steps closer. "Is there something you haven't told me, Johnathan Flint Senior?"
"No there isn't Dani. I just remember how you were about Marco after he died the first time, I don't want something like that to happen to you just because I get to be foolish at times." I keep my face strait as I look at Dani.
She breaks the tough facade. "Just . . . when I go, with the toxicity . . . be there, okay? I'm guilty that I couldn't have done something for him in his last moments. He was like my brother, my lover, and my father all in one."
I sigh. What did she have against Julia? I mean, seriously. "Not the time, Joan. Now, we need to find good spot to place this sensor...Someone will have to go into the tunnels."
Joan shrugs. "Isn't noise a spying liability? And I'll take it. This should be easy." She grabs the sensor, and puts it in a mount clip on her shoulder. "This is logical. I am lighter than you or Flint, and SCAR machines are heavier than any of us." Julia walks over. "Master Kayle named me Julia. That is my name." Joan sighs. "Whatever." She drops into the tunnel.
I sigh. "Come on, we need to get to the command room."
Julia follows Kayle, a little nervous. "Master Kayle, I am more than just a machine, aren't I? You wouldn't . . . edit my code to make me easier to manage or something, right? That's my personality coding, and that's off limits . . ." She/it looks at Kayle sadly "right? Or is Commander right, and I'm just another bit of engineering, like the armor on your back?" She/it looks self doubting. "Master Kayle, I ask to know so I may be of best service to you."
I stop and look at Julia. "You aren't just another piece of engineering to me. Nor is the armor that protects me. The Commander is, well, a little biased. She'll get over herself. I'd never edit anything on you. Now, let's get this scan done."
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She breaks the tough facade. "Just . . . when I go, with the toxicity . . . be there, okay? I'm guilty that I couldn't have done something for him in his last moments. He was like my brother, my lover, and my father all in one."

"Dani... I promised you I would find a cure for the toxicity and I plan on sticking to it. I don't exactly want to think about what happens if I fail on that part..." I sigh and look down towards the ground.
Julia smiles. "Thank you, Master Kayle. My programming tells me I am mechanical, yet I have emotions like this . . . it confuses me. And it draws ire, apparently. But, Master Kayle, if you do care for my well-being . . ." She looks hopefully at him "don't ask me go anywhere near the bunker's refrigerator. The magnets would damage my mental programming, and leave me defective. As there is no way to fix my model, that would force me to be trash."

Dani nods. "Of course you'll try your hardest, but anything may happen."

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