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Hello Starcraft 2 community,

First, I'd like to introduce myself. My real name is George, and I've been working on an RPG for almost 15 months now. I call this RPG, "Rise of Nigma". It is set in a dark, unlit planet located in The Void. I won't go to far into an introduction, as that might be too boring.

Here are some highlights of my RPG:

  • Third Person
  • http://postimage.org/image/ujqorz5fp/full/
  • Simple UI - I get down to business when it comes to the interface, showing only what you need to see.
  • Advanced Movement - There are things such as autorun, strafe, and intelligent detection system that will predict exactly what you want to do. The movement will feel exactly like those in MMORPGs.
  • Camera Movement - Get access to the camera with multiple zoom levels and easy camera rotation.
  • Quest System
  • http://postimage.org/image/3vvidxp3t/full/
  • http://postimage.org/image/644bcy7rl/full/
  • Quest Log - You even have access to a quest log, as shown in the second screenshot. View and Abandon quests anytime you like!
  • Rewards - Get rewarded for what you do with gold, experience, and even loot!
  • Quest Tracking - You can even track your quests quickly by pinning them to the screen in an unintrusive window
  • Icon Indicators - Quickly know your progress simply by looking at the overhead of a quest giver, or to see if there are quests available!
  • Inventory/Equipment System
  • http://postimage.org/image/odzcf2ivb/full/
  • Huge Space - You have 48 slots of inventory space right from the start at level 1
  • Banks - Not enough space? Use your bank that can be accessed by any of your characters
  • Equipment - 16 slots to equip items in - your character personalization will be truely unique.
  • Itemization
  • The demo will release with 1000 items
  • There are 6 tiers of items - Normal, Magic, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Void.
  • Prefix and Suffixes - Items can have a prefix and a suffix! Rarer items might even be unique in name
  • Itemization is catered to any kind of build, playstyle, or talent build.
  • Talent System
  • http://postimage.org/image/jkrkxxx4h/full/
  • http://postimage.org/image/fyfdp3abp/full/
  • http://postimage.org/image/dmdrnpe5t/full/
  • Unlimited Builds - There are over 900 talents to choose from
  • 7 Major Categories - Heal, Engineer, Physical, Psionic, Demonic, Magic, Tank
  • 3 Sub-Categories Per Category - Totalling 27 categories to choose talents from!
  • 10 Ranks per talent - Increase the potency of every skill you wish to learn at your own will
  • NO restrictions - Want some tank talents? Go ahead. Oh wait, you want some heal talents too? Go ahead. Now you want some Psionic talents? Go ahead! Get points ANYWHERE no matter what your current build is.
  • Combat System
  • http://postimage.org/image/mub3oi6hp/full/
  • http://postimage.org/image/lbus0a6v9/full/
  • http://postimage.org/image/7x2643p6z/full/
  • Custom Combat - I've developed my own attack engine. You can single wield, dual wield, cast spells, and even dual cast! (Dual casting shown in second/third screenshot)
  • New Health Bars - Easier to read and view health bars. Player status bar is on the bottom left near your action bar. Enemy health bars display down there as well, but with an option, you can see their health bar whenever they are near you (Shown in first screenshot) right above their head.
  • Buff System
  • http://postimage.org/image/98s98kmi9/full/
  • Player Buffs - See your own buffs at the top left.
  • Target Buffs - See your current target's buffs at the top right
  • Debuffs - See debuffs of both your own and your target's right below their buffs.
  • You can cancel buffs at will. Don't want a buff some player gave you? Well, just click it and get rid of it.
  • Statistics
  • There is a large amount of statistics that will define your gameplay
  • Primary Attributes - Strength, Dexterity, Agility, Intelligence, Spirit, Wisdom, Insight
  • Secondary Defensive Stats - Physical Defense, Magical Defense, Block Chance, Block Value, Evasion, Critical Resist, Health Regen, Mana Regen
  • Secondary Offensive Stats - Attack Power, Attack Haste, Attack Crit Chance, Attack Crit Dmg, Spell Power, Spell Haste, Spell Crit Chance, Spell Crit Dmg
  • Weapons - They have a minimum and maximum damage. They also have a weapon speed.
  • SO MUCH MORE! - There is so much more, I'd love to share it all, but I don't want to give it ALL away yet!
  • Events
  • Leveling
  • Partying
  • Dungeons
  • Raids
  • PVP
  • Customizable UI
  • LOADS of Options
  • Customizable Hotkeys/Key Bindings
  • Special Mobs
  • Outdoor Bosses
  • Dungeon Masteries
  • Combo System
  • Chain System
  • AND MORE!!!
  • What I've said is already IN the game right now. I've been working on this project for 15 months, and I'm proud of the work I've done so far. Want to give this game a shot? It will be released as a DEMO with 1000 items and 100 spells for people to play around with until the game is fully polished.

    Interested? Want to play NOW? Let me know, and we can do some test runs! Want to give me your input? Feel free and let me know! The demo will be coming out in 1-2 weeks from today. I will be releasing a teaser video sometime soon.

    NOTE: I'd like to give a thanks to brokenalliances.com and Malpheus for helping me out and providing me with a means of tracking all my documentation and work. Thank you.

    EDIT: Fixed some typos.
    Very, very, very,,,,,


    Cool game! Will be playing it with you as soon as I can!
    Looking forward to it!
    wow looks sick man good job
    This looks excellent! Very good work! Greatly designed, I don't see any sloppiness in the design. Very well made, I can tell you have put a lot of work and effort into it. I am excited & anxious to play it now!
    Thanks so much guys :)
    Can't wait to play it. This is my last hope at a truly well done Sc2 custom game
    I would love to help you test this right now. How should we contact you?
    Feel free to add me in-game, Nunu.424. I also hang around in channel "Nigma"

    I just finished a testing session, and will be doing some updates/bug fixes and some polishing now. I will probably be doing another test tomorrow! Thanks for the interest.
    This is brilliant. Excellent work mate!
    You got 150 upvotes on reddit Nunu! Very nice!

    RiseOfNigma.com is also up as well.
    Where's the link, lol. Is that a good thing?
    I'd be more than happy to play test it, although with my starcraft the graphics are messed up with third person customs. (It's all black) Any idea on how to fix it?
    10/24/2012 09:11 AMPosted by Nunu
    Where's the link, lol. Is that a good thing?


    and your URL is live.
    Thank you for the support so far, everyone. I am trying to polish this up as much as possible before I release the Demo. I haven't slept since yesterday working on this.
    I'm genuinely excited for you guys, hit me up on skype to demo!
    Sure - I'm working on a boss specifically for the demo atm. I got school in a bit, so I can test later tonight.

    Quick question to readers - should there be crushing blows (From old WoW days)
    This looks really cool! Great work with the custom interface and visual effects. For some reason it reminds me of Dragon Age. The engine wasn't built for that type of game but we would love to support it.
    10/24/2012 01:17 PMPosted by Tenarsis
    This looks really cool! Great work with the custom interface and visual effects. For some reason it reminds me of Dragon Age. The engine wasn't built for that type of game but we would love to support it.

    Thanks, most 2d art is mine - excluding the images inside my hexagon templates. I make sure to source all my graphics I've taken (It's inside my code). 80% of them are from WoW anywho's. The buttons I used for the quest accept/decline buttons are just slightly modified versions of buttons found in the SC2 fansite kit.

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