Pankoprulu Academy XXVIII

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My head started to throb from the sound of the voice, who was it? Eyes starting to open, I saw Umbra on my bed, sitting with a coin. I couldn't catch everything that was said. "What are you dong here?" I was groggy and tired.
Startled, Umbra lets the coin soar through the air. "Can I confide in you? Just a little? The reason I want to consume someone isn't some weird perversion or power greed. I just feel that I'm really alone, without my squad. Having someone to talk to who can never leave is really appealing. Would you . . ."
Outside I wait. Logan gave me the psi-screen. I heard enough about it to figure out the rest. I decided to follow Umbra, but keep my distance. She left the door open. I wonder why...
I was startled by this myself...she's asking me, yet she knows what I am carrying. "But you know that I just can't do that. I have a duty to do, even if I wanted to, I can't." Please don't cry, please don't cry.
"Logan calm down. The spiders are dead." I look up and see Dani standing there. "Oh Dani..." My face start to turn red slightly.

I see Flint's face turn red and try to hold back a laugh.
Umbra sighs. "That's just the thing." Her eyes slip past the usual orange glow and hit an unprecedented eerie crimson. "No one understands. Not you, not that arrogant Knight, not even my own f*cking twin brother!" She mellows. "But that's okay. You don't need to understand something to do it." Her voice carries resigned melancholy.
I felt uncomfortable now, Umbra could just devour me at this spot right now and I would have a hard time fighting back against such a force. "I know what loneliness is. But you know that I just can't do that, remember what I am carrying? Even if I would to help you, I have a commitment to make."
Heheh. I wonder what she means? How can she not know I followed her. I slump down onto the floor quietly. She'll kill me when I come out, but if she tries, I'll have a surprise for her.
"It was Abel just making a prank. Things like that happen a lot around here." I shift a little nervously glancing over to Dani.
"Uhh... My head hurts... I'm sorry. I'm Logan. Who are you?"
"Oh crap... Flint he has a psi-screen on. Logan look at me, do you remember who I am?" I was starting to worry about Logan.

"Oh great..." I look at Logan to see where he had the psi-screen.
"Wha? I turned it on when Umbra showed up. Markus ran off with his on..."
"You need to turn it off and so does your brother. You've had it on for to long as it is." Urgency was in my voice.
I switch mine off. "He turned it on as he left. He should be fine for an hour right?"
"I think so. You feeling any better?"

I relax and lean against a wall.
"Burn all spiders? Yes."
Umbra's smile returns. "But that's okay. You still wouldn't dare keep a secret from me, right? Like the identity of your little bodyguard?" Her eyes glisten.
My back was still against the mattress of the bed. "I...I don't understand? Little bodyguard?"
"Well all of the spiders are dead yes. Do you need anything?"
Umbra's face scrunches in a frown. Her eyes get wet with the pre-tear. "You won't tell me the name of the weird little mind I sense outside? You went for your 'brother', right? Or your boyfriend?"

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