Pankoprulu Academy XXVIII

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"Whoa..... This is weird." I say quietly to myself. Quickly grab my rifle and head for cover.
From there I take aim at Iapetus and fire off three more rounds to try to wear down his barriers.


Hey Markus now isn't the time to get mad with Umbra. Also be careful around Iapetus, little bugger can bend reality at his will.
I sigh to myself and continue to watch what was going on. Being trapped in this necklace wasn't helping me or anyone else really.
11/20/2012 11:35 AMPosted by Draconus
Shut it, young one. I'm busy kicking the crap out of some unlicensed likenesses. Where are yours?

Oh shut up, both of you. I can sense you Umbra, you are above me. I going to smack you when I get up there!

"I can hear you too moron. You're giving us away! Plus, stop acting like you have a death wish."
Abel twitched at Cayl's comment. He was asleep, and rapidly repairing his shattered body in his sleep.
Akia's dead body slumped over. Her glassy eyes stared up at the sky.
I notice Akia and curse. One down. Hopefully we wouldn't meet the same fate.

OOC: Is Akia's double still alive?
Due to Akia's nature of being very forthright, and adventurous, Aika would be shy, and fearful. Aika would be hiding in the corner, behind her shield.
>:) Good

IC: I slowly stand and face Akia's double, the Talon Blades appearing in my hands. "How would you rather die? Slowly with pain, or slowly with excruciating pain?"
"Seems Cayl is having fun."

OOC: What is the layout of this area. I'm imagining a large platform and Logan and Markus have to climb a large staircase.

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