Pankoprulu Academy XXVIII

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Even I was confused, I didn't call for anyone for I was tired and wanted sleep. "First of all, Zaros is not my boyfriend, and I did not call for Raven. I just wanted some peace and quiet while I slept..."
Umbra starts to cry, the room rapidly heating up instead of disintegrating. "You don't trust me enough to tell me."
The blanket over me started to disintegrate. My face sweating and I couldn't handle it. Almost felt like my insides were disintegrating but they weren't. "Umbra! Please stop, I didn't call anyone..." I forced myself to wrap my arms around Umbra to make her quit crying.
Umbra's face softens. "Then why aren't you disturbed and searching for the invader on your privacy?" The heating slows.
My face showed some concern when she said that. "Invader? I didn't....I didn't know that? I was just trying to sleep?" Mustering strength I got up and walked over to the door, weakened from Umbra by accident. "Who's out there?" A knife was pulled from the side of my pants.
I shake myself awake and stand straight, wincing. Definitely landing first next time. "Flint, what was the plan? I drifted off."
"So far it looks like Jessica or Akia are going to be wearing a skimpy waitress outfit and infiltrate the Commune to try to trap the leader and or kill him. The rest of us provide a distraction to draw out his Titan Dweevil and the forces that are with it. I am thinking that Jessica is probably going to be the one infiltrating though."
Jessica gives me a bitter look before returning her attention to Logan.
"Wait, isn't the Titan Dweevil that massive thing we faced in the sim when Umbra attacked us?"
"Yep, not looking forward to that fight with out Jessica or fighting it at all. Still a little sore about losing that fight."
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"You won't tell me the name of the weird little mind I sense outside? You went for your 'brother', right? Or your boyfriend?"

OOC: He has a psi-screen on...

"A hug? I'm kidding, don't look at me like that, haha!"
I shake my head a Logan. "You know what I meant."
"And if I don't know what you meant." I give her as innocent of a look that I can.
"Seriously Logan. I don't know what to say to you now...." I raise a hand to my forehead and shake my head again.
"Oh never mind. I'm teasing you. Flint, do you have any liquor? I need a drink."
"I do have an Earth whiskey that I got from my grandfather when I shipped out with the UED but I am saving that for a special occasion. Might have something else though..."

I sigh. "I guess I really don't have much of a sense of humor. Also didn't that Scotty Bolgers No 8 nearly knock you flat?" I look at Logan.
"Hey, I was already tired so, you know, I can hold my liquor, I swear. Haha!"
"Right you were also high to." I stick my tongue out at him.

I let out a laugh at the two and hold back a comment.
"Yea! It was fun! Ahahaha!"
I sigh again. "Don't you have any other pass times?"
"Video games and work, I guess. Bowling and uh- You know, I really don't feel like talking about this without a drink." I rub my eyes remembering my recent.

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