Pankoprulu Academy XXVIII

Joeyray's Bar
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I look at Logan curiously but hold back my question.

"Logan I have just one question. Why is it you drink?" I was curious about his motive for drinking. It seemed to be more than a pass time.
"Hehe, it used to be just something to do with friends."
I sigh, remembering the simulation fight. "At least this time we have a chance to plan out a strategy."
"Very true Cayl, we should probably do that soon..."
I turn to face Logan. "Used to be? What is it now or would you rather not talk about it?"
I glare at him. "Are you seriously asking that question? I just left all my friends 500 years in the past."
"Sorry I didn't know if there was something else." I reply rather neutrally. I knew getting defensive wouldn't yield anything good.
"Anyway what do you like. Might have something similar in my foot locker."
"Vodka. I don't know what you have in the future, but..."
I shake my head. Great, we'd brought a drunkard with us. "I'm gonna let Abel look me over, see the extent of the damage."
"I think I might have some of that actually. I know the UED people brought the recipe and taste for it with them. My commander, rear admiral Stukov, partook of vodka from time to time. I'll be right back." I walk towards my room and search for the liquor.

I sigh and try to get comfortable in the chair.
"Stukov? Racist jokes aside, hehe. Oh well. Sure, let's see what you have."
I walk away, looking for Abel. The odds of him actually being in the medbay were slim.
I just look at Logan quizzically. He almost seemed nervous about something.

I rummage through my foot locker and find a pint of Agrian Vodka. It was bottled just before the zerg invaded the planet. Was a shame to since they produced a fair amount of good food and drink. I take the bottle back to where Logan and Jessica were.
"This is all I have aside from that whiskey. It ain't a whole lot but it packs a punch so don't drink to much."
"Have a shot glass?"
I shake my head. "Used to only myself drinking so no."
"You first then."
"Alright." I take off the top of the bottle and take a swig from it. "Wow better than I remember it being. You know that this won't affect me like it will you right?"
"How so?" I reach for the bottle.
"Well as I am sure you can tell I am not fully human." I pass the bottle to Logan. "In fact my metabolic rate is higher than average due to some unpleasant and unwanted alterations."
"You mean the things on you..." I point the back of my head and I grab the bottle with the other. I take a big swig and almost spit it up. I shallow it. "Oh wow, that's strong!"
"Well there is those... I also have another more easily... hidden trait. It also allows for those to be hidden as well." I almost laugh when is almost spit it up. "I probably should have warned you shouldn't I."

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