Pankoprulu Academy XXVIII

Joeyray's Bar
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"Naw, you're cool. What else do you have hidden?" I hand the bottle to Jessica and I sit on the floor in the hall. I cough from the burn of the drink.
I push the bottle away. I never really did drink and didn't plan on it. "Sorry Logan not for me."

"Well what do you know about the zerg?" I take the bottle and take another swig.
"Oh really? Okay... Umm, just what Cayl showed me and I really didn't respect him and his memories."
"Well to put it simple I've got a mix of that in me as well. I've become sort of a genetic mutt. Mostly the extra genetics improved my healing rate and allow be to shapeshift. Not much else that I have found that I can do with it yet." I pass the bottle to Logan again.
"And yet you are sane and in control of your actions?" I take another swig of it, being careful not to take too much this time.
"Is that really a surprise to you? I am mostly human and still think and act human."
"Yeah, I know. It's just the infested humans from Cayl's memories had no control over their actions."
"Ah yes those... Yeah my genes were spliced not infected. That is why I have free will. The tendrils also sort of prevent infestation anyway. Least I think they do, though I will be happy to not learn whether or not they do."
"Why? I rather know as much of my body as I can and after all that they... added to you, I'd think you would be even more curious." I reach for the bottle.
"Because if they don't prevent infestation the zerg gain a rather powerful being. Maybe not as powerful as Kerrigan but still. As for learning more about what I am capable of I prefer to take it easy so I don't kill myself."
"But if they don't protect you, shouldn't you find something that does?" I take the bottle and take a swig.
"If it was only that simple."
I morph myself into the form of a zealot out of boredom.
I stare at him. I hand the bottle to Jessica. "I think I'm done with this." I'm so drunk, I'm seeing things... "Oh wait, that's not the first time you've done that in front of me! Haha!" I pull the bottle back and down a good portion.
I laugh at Logan. "He does that from time to time."

I let out a laugh as I resume my normal form. "That is just a little bit of the shapeshifting."
"I guess that's something you can't teach huh? Hahaha!"
"Nope, though there are probably a few other things I could teach you in regards to controlling your powers as well as utilizing other abilities." I reach for the bottle noting that there wasn't much left.
"This may not be the best time to be teaching me things." I grin and shift my body, so I'm leaning against the wall and I close my eyes. "Markus should turn off that psi-screen soon..."
"Your right teaching you anything now might not do any good. As for Markus did you tell him the effects?" I finish off the bottle and place the cap back on it.

I laugh at Logan. "Wow your really drunk aren't you?"
"I did... Umm, not yet. It takes a minute to kick in. Now, no... Now? No. NOW! ... No...."
I snicker a little at Logan. "I think you are no matter what you say. At least you got that drink you were wanting."
"As long as Markus knows the effects of prolonged exposure to the psi-screens he should be ok."

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