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"Of course I value company, but Brother and my squad have been the only people who get along with me."
"Well, I know one big reason why. If it wasn't for that, I would have no trouble being around you."
Umbra sounds curious. "And that is?"
I laugh at Logan again. "We better get you to bed Logan or at least somewhere where you can't hurt yourself."

OOC: Techsuit please Drac.
I said it loud enough so the both of them could hear me. " want to eat someone just so they can stay with you."
"Okkkkai." I say adorably.
"I don't know either having two people in one body is accepted in this time period, but I know that such an exchanged should not happen without consent."
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I chuckle and head that way. "I'm going, I'm going. Knew you weren't in there right now."

Abel smiled, and then his face turned serious.
"Alright, cracked ribs. Do you want the easy treatment, or the hard treatment. The less painful process may have a longer recovery time. The more painful, has a shorter one"
Abel then removed a package of painkillers from the infirmary hall.
" who am I kidding, you want the harsher treatment, I can tell."
"Whatever get's it done. Also, any theories on how a tailbone can get bruised when I didn't land on it?"
Abel looked at Zarkun in a strange way. Abel thought of an answer but thought better than telling him. After an akward silence, Abel asked
"Anyways, has anything new been going on, any events I should know about?"

He then removed a scalpel and a set of sedatives.
I shrug. "Well...there was the trip to Earth and we picked up a couple new guys, but that's about it."
Abel then started the surgery. First he injected the sedatives. Afterwards he cut gently into Cayl's torso. After propping the pieces of the broken ribs together with pins, and tiny screws, he used just a smudge of psionic energy to hasten the regeneration.
If he regenerated it too quickly, it might disrupt the shattered bone's pins.
If it was a partial fracture, he most likely could heal it outright.
Afterwards, Abel cleaned up, and walked over to the infirmary's beds. He fell asleep. At the last waking moment he thought, "Awakening... Is such a pain."
(Cayl can wake up at anytime.)
You ever play "Trauma Center" or "Trauma Team," Fantasy?
11/05/2012 07:25 PMPosted by Thecommander
You ever play "Trauma Center" or "Trauma Team," Fantasy?

Nah, just read a few books a few years ago.
Hmm, would you remember the names of them?
Sorry, playing a bunch of C&C games.

IC: I slowly come to and sigh. "Thanks Abel." I feel the ribs and smile, walking out. Now I could handle it.
Seems to me it would take longer than that. Especially since your ribs weren't the only broken thing, but IDK how those powers work or how long the typical healing period is the 26th century.
Umbra's temper flares, warping the floor. "You honestly think anyone would consent otherwise? Everything I have ever needed has been taken by force or provided by the few I may trust. So I will continue my way."
I laugh again at Logan before looking over to Flint. "You want to take hm to his room?"

"Not much of a choice on who gets to is there?" I smile slightly before she shoots a look over at me.
"Alright Logan lets get you to your room. Where is your room anyway?"
"Oh, I'll be fine. I can walk."
"My brother would say something like, 'you don't know Earth culture and Edward's mind-reading power. Twilight fans would be more than willing,' or some crap like that."

OOC: Excuse, I need to cut myself for making a Twilight joke. Like really badly.
"Alright you did pick a room here right?" I ask rather curiously.

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