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I almost never see a zerg drop units on me, and whenever I use it myself, my opponent is caught by surprise. A couple times, I've been called a cheezer for it. 15min into the game, and dropping roach/ling in the back door is cheese?

Anyway, do you zergs employ drops at all at higher levels of play?
The most common drop i've seen from my level and even higher levels of play are baneling carpet bombs.

I dont see why people would think its cheese. Every race can drop. If I dropped 8 zealots in my opponents base at 12 minutes and he called it cheese, i'd probably tell him to l2p.
not really cause zerg suck and they are busy fighting off op pushes constantly from other races.
i never bother because vs toss i feel i need all my army and vs terran they blindly turret anyways
zerg tend to drop differently. overlords even with the speed upgrade, are VERY slow, thus much easier to spot, and kill in transit, as well as making its almost assuredly fail as an exit stratagy. Whereas most zerg ground units are relitively fast and thus MORE mobile when not in an overlord. Also medivacs and warp prisms can supply direct suport to the troops on the ground via healing or providing warp in support, creep pooping doesnt happen fast enouph to generaly be usefull in a drop. To top that off a transport load of zerg units tends to be less effective than a transport load of terran units (8 marines or 4 marauders vs 8 lings or 4 blings/roaches), and of course toss can use warp in.

Nydus worms also have issues, offensively most places you would want one will be in enemy vision, which means the chances are very very slim that it will survive to completion (if it suceeds of course it can be game ending). Defensivly zerg are already very fast so they can normaly get away decently without nydus suport. nydus suport of course is nice defensively, but with a minimum investment of 300/300 its often not that nice.

It all combines together to make zerg quite distinctlly the worse race for harrasment style droping.

That said, overlords take 0 supply (they provide it even), and zerg will by default have a lot of them allowing them to send several empty to screen for the full ones so you are less likely to lose army units to transports geting shot down. That means zerg has the best doom drop. A doom drop being you load up your ENTIRE army and drop it into the enemy main, for terran or toss the suply used by the transports weakens their army over all, as well as taking out extra resources and time (as they are unlikely to be constantly constructing medivacs or warp prisms). The zerg doom drop is kind of an all in though, as if it gets cleaned up without doing extensive damage then the zerg player has to rebuild his supply before he can rebuild is army, which increases the amount of time the enemy has to counter attack.
Whenever a Zerg drops me at my level it always catches me off guard. It also ends up doing a ton of damage and putting me on my back foot.

I'd also recommend nydus worms more. Even if you dont get units out it ALWAYS makes me think twice before leaving my base.
I much prefer to drop as T or P.

Zerg drops can be effective, but they're a bit gimmicky. With Terran you get the medivac healing, Protoss you can warp in extra units on the spot, but all an overlord can do is spew creep.
And it's a 300/300 investment to get them dropping at all.

I would count Nydus as a drop too, but it's even more gimmicky and less reliable than overlords unfortunately.
Oboeman should be coming along shortly.
Protoss can warp-in anywhere
Terran has constant production

Both of these counter zerg drop play. Idra used to do it way-back-when but its just too easy for the other races to clean up.

build 5 nydas and land em all at once. they cant kill em all. have fun guessing which one it will come out of lol
yes i drop lings in his base
I know this isnt drop, but since you guys are talking about baneling drops. I am trying out my bling bomb and it seems to work against terran :)
I had a zerg drop me the other day - totally freaked me out, actually. I sometimes forget that they can even drop!

I still won... I was pushing out with an MMM+tank+raven play when he dropped, so I just base traded and he had nothing to hit my floating buildings. Then he ran around the map for 10 minutes or so trying to reestablish and getting autoturrets thrown in his face.
i use drops against terran mech and sentry/immortal based play. it is very strong. as protoss pushes u drop 2 overlords full of lings in his main, its very hard for him to deal with. if he warps in than the lings will deal alot of dmg before the units actually appear. if he does it far away u have a chance to snipe a pylon and unpower structure/supply cap him/get in the probe ling. all of this with 8 supply. baneling drops are a huge investment though, and all he has to do is pull his probes as it starts tocome in and it deals no dmg at all. he warps in 1 stalker and that can deal with 8 banelings ez. ofcourse if he doesnt see it then he just lost more than he can likely recover from, but its a huge gamble imo.
Drops are a lot of fun. And don't ever worry about not playing a strat because it's cheese; people will unjustifiably BM you for all kinds of sh!t. Someone called me a maphacker once because I opened 14hatch 13pool and that apparently blind-hardcountered his 2rax build... I opened that way to be safe vs 2rax while sac'ing a little eco.

I would say P and T drops are more effective, but Z drops definitely have their place. Also +2 bane drops vs toss are awesome as they 1-shot probes. I recently had a game where I got 39 probe kills from 8 +2 banelings.

That being said it's not my standard, except for a few situations.

100% ZvT vs Mech play, the moment I see 2 factories I get Roach Warren and OL drops with double ups. Overlord drops vs mech essentially gives you the positional choice as to how u want your roaches to engage. You skip the Siege Tanks and simply drop directly on top of his army. Thors are his only AA, and if they aren't shooting at mutas, their DPS is mediocre. Bio mech isn't quite the same however, as marines melt OL and prevent the roaches from getting where u want them.

Every so often I'll use drops against T and P, but usually just to drop 5-6 OL worth of zerglings in their main. At my level most of the time they'll bring too much back, and leave their 3rd/4th exposed and I can go in and often times outright destroy the base, or at least cripple the worker count.

Vs Z however I don't use drops all too often, I should though as dropped infestors do a LOT of damage with mass IT.
dropping lings and banes in a terrans main is a really good thing to do when you go ling bling muta and when his marines come your banes will prove most useful i like to drop lings and banes in a terrans base while attacking his 3rd or 4th with lings and mutas its pretty good when he gets caught off guard and add banes if he has a pf there
"Changelings can be dropped onto Siege Tanks, forcing splash from multiple tanks as the changeling shifts forms."
- The "Zerg Drop"
Yes, they do, and experience will let you know when and how to use it.

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