Do Zerg ever use drops?

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i like Dimaga's style of using drops in ZvP. He'll go heavy ling/bling and load banelings into overlords. When the protoss ground army moves out, he'll drop the banelings over the ball of death, and reinforce with lings while taking his 4th and 5th base.

it's pretty nifty, but i rarely use drops myself. I do find it effective in some situations, but i don't go into a match thinking that im going to utilize drops. it just sort of happens haha.
I saw HD cast a game the other day with WhiteRa vs DaLoze, Toss went for full air, Voids, Carrier, Tempest, n Storm. Zerg couldn't really seem to find a way to destroy the Toss army so he utilized mass drops to do damage.

Zerg lost in the end tho... he did massive damage to the infrastructure, but since he never really killed off much of the Toss army, he didn't have much units to rebuild thus making killing off buildings not really a big deal ><
Ask yourself *why* you should do drops?

You do drops to circumvent an army/defenses.

Versus Toss who is turtling, doing a drop does littler difference than hitting the front. His army is already cooped up in his base that doing drops isn't cost efficient.

Vs Terran they prepare themselves with turrets out of fear of Mutas making them "mostly" safe against drops.


If you're opponent's army is outside his base, trying to secure a 3rd/4rth and posturing vs your main army--a drop is great at diverting his forces/attention in much the same way it is good vs zerg.

Zerg tries to have a mobile army out in the map with spread out bases. Drops are PERFECT for this since the army is far away, and defenses are spread thin.

So do drops if you notice things such as no turrets at main, or army out of position, or 4base terran/toss, etc...

Drops are normally not used because Protoss and Terran are fond of turtling up tight vs zerg. but when they don't--punish them.
the research time is too long and unlike protoss's warp gate that can reinforce u can't really do anything and by the time u get the research the enemy will have 2 bases and can easily reinforce scvs if u manage to kill off a few. 200/200 for drops is wayy too expensive especially when the other 2 races get it for free and u needthe speed boost or it becomes useless after a single stalker or missle turret goes up
I sometimes use a small drop (1-3 ovies) to clear away missile turrets so I can later come in with air or nydus.
yeah man ever heard of baneling drops (although nydus worms are more common i suppose)

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