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Create your own strange/true/weird/scary/randomness/wtf/fun fact for a unit. This is just for fun so if you're bored, make your own fact and post it up here.

Fact: Zealot can cook faster than the human.

Fact: Not only Hellion can be used in a war, they can also be used in a racing events.

Fact: When Zergling fart, they'll morph into Baneling Cocoon.
Fact: RPGs have the same effective range as sniper rifles.
Fact: Zergling can run up to 200mph in the first 30 second.
Marauder Grenades smell like burnt mushrooms and body odor.
Fact: 90% of facts used in these forums aren't actually real facts.
Fact: Dark Templar are formed when ninjas secretly hug High Templar, much like how High
Templar hug to become Archons.
Fact: Stalker favorite hobby is stalking.
Fact: The average Protoss has 4x the IQ of Einstien.

Fact: Zerglings are the fastest animal to ever be discovered by humans.

Fact: Ghost Operatives display the same behavior Serial Killers do before going on a killing spree.

Fact: Arcturus Mengsk suffers from explosive diarrhea.

Fact: Ulralisks are 3x larger than Tyranosauros Rex was.

Fact: The only known way to kill Zerg "Creep" is to starve it of nutrients from the main Hive Cluster. Reports confirm Nuclear Bombs detonating on "Creep", without destroying a single square inch of it.

Fact: Vikings were originally created as advanced SCVs meant to harvest minerals from remote locations before flying back and depositing them into a Command Center.

Fact: The Zerg Swarm has created 30% more life than it has destroyed.

Fact: There has been a Protoss Observer within Earth's atmosphere since the year 103 CE

Fact: Human life was actually a Protoss expirament gone wrong. Ancient Greek and Egyptian "Gods" were actually Protoss scientists coming back to observe Human life.

Fact: The Zerg were actually an unusually peaceful tribe of worms before the Xel'Naga interfered.

Fact: Baneling acid contains the same molecular breakdown as Gold.
Drones transport minerals to hatcheries where clusters of chemoautotrophs produce the energy that is then sent through the creep to the larvae, buildings, and units fueling research, regen, and upgrades.
Fact: Nova is hot.
11/13/2012 09:14 PMPosted by justme
Create your own strange/true/weird/scary/randomness/wtf/fun fact for a unit.

11/13/2012 10:06 PMPosted by Orion
Fact: Nova is hot.

That's not making it up. I'm pretty sure we all knew that.
Fact: Planetary Fortress can fly and shoot in 1 out of 10000000 chance if your lucky that game.

Fact: Roaches were once humans.

Fact: The ring was given to the dark lord at mount doom by the protoss.

Fact: theres a 75% chance a stalker is in your back yard about to blink into your room.
11/13/2012 10:17 PMPosted by PanzerIV
Fact: theres a 75% chance a stalker is in your back yard about to blink into your room.

What if your apartment complex lacks a backyard?
Can poster 12 and a cartoon special ops find love in these dark times? YeS!

The radius of storm is in the hundreds.
Fact: Marines consume twice as many cigarettes and cigars as the entire Korpulu civillian population.
Siege Tanks can run over lots of units, but the drivers love their tanks too much to risk getting a dent in it.
Fact: Banshee pilot smokes stim-pack

Left-click her multiple times in-game for proof.

(plz Blizzard I want to see or hear mah Boobshee on stim-pack~!)
Stephano is good.

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