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Your goal is simple: advance. You will begin as a child (P/T/Z), and mature/grow/evolve, respectively.

Credits will be earned each day, like in ZZ. 50 a day, with +5 for every longish (Paragraph or more) post. Use your good judgement. Ask me for upgrades, and I'll tell you the cost.

You are a little one, living in a small community of P, T, or Z. When you grow to be about adolescent, something special will happen. For now, just be a good little one and flesh out your character.

One we get a suitable amount of people, the fun will begin.

Protoss: X was in XXY, a small mining settlement. Life was...boring. X wanted something more. X had dreams, dreams, and more dreams. For now, his only life was learning how to mine. Eventually, eventually...

Terran: Tom was in school one day, when he realized something... he could suddenly "Hear" everyone, even when they weren't talking. He kept this to himself, though, and used it to spy on people. Tom was shy, but he knew an advantage when he saw one (Or so he thought...) But his "gift" may turn against him, especially with the Terran Local Forces looking for new recruits...

Zerg: Narz (me) was a philosophical little Zergling. When his Queen told him to clean the Creep off of him, he did it, but he thought little indignant thoughts while doing it. Later, he knew, he would be something great, like a Hydralisk. He had always respected Hydralisks. Or maybe even an Ultralisk!
For now, though, all he could do was muse...

This can be an RP or a group of stories. Up to you all.
Note: If you want to be a cat, you ca be a cat. Maybe you can Mind Control a human vessel or something. As long as it works, it works.
hm... interesting idea...
I'm in. I'll be a Zerg.


Hibrib was an odd little Changeling from the day Nargobz the Overseer spawned him in the Terran base to the north. He was always changing into weird things like scvs or stalkers or larvae instead of marines zealots and zerglings like the other little Changeling boys and girls. Life was often tough for the little guy, as his peers were always laughing at him.
I CAN BE A CAT!!!!!!! :D
^ Yes.
Bored. Why won't these horrible children ever pay attention? I get it now. I think he looked at me. I wonder... Why is there gum under my desk? Maybe I should just sleep. Timothy is nodding off again, dratted underachiever. I can't believe how much simpler the book explains it. But does that mean he likes me? Or did he just glance my way? If I release the toad now, will anyone notice? I'm sure I didn't put it there. She won't notice if I prop my head up like this. Zzzz here I come. I should really arrange a meeting with his parents. Nothing is happening. I've got homework to do.

So many thoughts.
So many ideas.
So much useless junk.

But who would put gum under my desk? Maybe I'll actually fall asleep this time. Heaven help me. Richard has a box with air holes in it. And then divide by x squared...

It hurts.
So many people learning the same thing.
Understanding hits in waves.

It's painful.
And all the secrets...

No, he smiled at me! I have to tell Elana about this as soon... Order of operations...But how would I get the toad back? zzzzzzzzzzzzz

No! Not a dream! Anything but a dream!

Lights. City lights. Lights that shone on a dead city empty of everything put the occasional scrap of paper moved by air not worthy of the name breeze. Cars in neat lines without drivers, all parked with engines off. No sound came from anything except the low buzz of the lights. Even the piteous breeze dared not to make a sound. Clouds covered what would have been an empty moon, robbing the city of a view of the stars and all natural light.

It was a dead night in a dead city.

But THEY were there. THEY were allays in the city. No matter how many times he came back, THEY were always, always, always here.
And THEY could see him. THEY could always see him, no matter how well he hid... No matter where he ran... THEY were weighting.

Need to break out of his dream.
Fear is coming.

The image of the city moves. Or is it the viewer? One could never tell, but maybe THEY new. THEY could see now. Sounds began. The swish of a cloak... a footstep on pavement... a laugh too quiet to be called such...

Need out.
Why can't I get out?

THEY are getting closer. One can feel their eyes. Yet see nothing... Sounds become louder... THEY will strike soon...


A hand reaches out and


The boy starts and jerks into a sitting position. "I'm not asleep!" Is there a question? Did I miss something?
Did he fall asleep again? Great. I almost had the problem finished.
I am saved from the dream.
But how long can I last like this? How long will the voices make themselves heard?How long................. until I go mad?
And THAT, is the prime example of a Terran mind-reader. +150 credits.
Wow. That was awesome.

I don't have time for a moneymaking post now, maybe this evening if I'm home. I think I may be leaving today, unless there's a change of plans.
Background information- Cogwheel Station
On Mar Sara, there is a small settlement called Cogwheel Station. Cogwheel Station, though small, produces some of the most fantastic machines in the Terran army. The people of Cogwheel Station are friendly, and always have a place for travelers or refugees on the run. They secretly aided Jim Raynor and Raynor’s Raiders in their attempts to overthrow Emperor Mengsk. Though they were forced to supply the confederacy, the people of Cogwheel station doubled production efforts to help Jim Raynor, smuggling vehicles and weaponry for them under the watchful eye of the confederacy.

Tyrus’ machine shop is the largest factory in Cogwheel Station. Bolvar Tyrus is the most educated man in the settlement. He graduated summa !@# laude, with a degree in engineering from Korhal U, one of the most prestigious universities in the Koprulu Sector. After finishing his studies, he moved to Cogwheel with his wife who was pregnant at the time. Bolvar had his factory flown in from Korhal and he set up shop with several other graduates from his class.

Months after their arrival on Mar Sara, Bolvar’s wife went into labor. They had a son who they named Garrett Tyrus. Unfortunately, Garrett’s mother died during childbirth.

Garrett’s life- Chapter 1 Skipping Class (age 11)
“I don’t need maths, they are boring to me…”
said Garrett to himself as he snuck past Gus, the security worker at the Tyrus’ machine shop. Gus was quite easy to sneak past, he was always falling asleep on the job.
“besides, I can do it all in my head anyway. They don’t have anything to teach me.” Garrett knew where all of the security cameras were in his father’s shop, he managed to always find the blind spots to walk through. He made his way through piles of supplies, crawling on greasy floors of the factory as he made his way to the production floor.
It was loud inside the machine shop, but Garrett didn’t mind. He actually quite liked the sounds of the factory. To him, they came together like a song.

He found a stack of several barrels of vespene gas on the production floor that would make for an excellent hiding place. He postioned himself behind the barrels, peering over the side as he watched the men work below. After almost an hour of spectating the work, Bolvar Tyrus, Garrett’s father, emerged from his office in the adjoining tech lab. He looked carefully over the entire room, scanning it but not really looking at the workers… Garrett knew it, the school had called.

All of the sudden, Bolvar’s eyes stopped on the stack of barrels, his eyes locked with Garrett’s.
“Damnit,” he thought,“ I should’ve been more creative with my hiding. Bolvar approached the barrels, and Garrett rose up from behind them, submitting in his defeat. He knew he had been caught. Bolvar motioned for Garrett to follow him outside and he did. They walked out of the factory and made their way into the mid-morning sun.

“You let him through again Gus, you need to work on that.” Bolvar said as they passed security. Gus woke up suddenly at this and fell from his chair. Bolvar and Garrett continued walking towards the school,

“Listen, I know things have been hard for you Garrett, but you can’t cut class. I graduated from Korhal U, how would it look if my son disrespected his studies like you are doing.” Garrett looked at his dad in protest, stating the same argument that he had the time before and the time before that.

“But dad, you know I don’t need it. They don’t challenge me there, nothing I do is actually worth my time.” Garrett didn’t even have to listen to his father to know what he said next. Like a broken record, Garrett could tell that just by reading his lips he said

“But I’ve put you in all the most advanced classes, you are way ahead of your peers. There’s nothing more that I can do for you.” Deep down Garrett knew he was right, he was pretty smart after all. Garrett was walked into school by his father who apologized for his son’s absence before returning to the machine shop. Garrett couldn’t help but think his genius was being held back by his instructors.
^ +100 extra, good stuff
T'was an overeager Zealot named Steve
and he was very pleased!
The Executor gave him orders
to guard the tiny ramp!

So little Steve stood on the gap that lead to camp.
Such an important job he had!
In the distance he saw, a single Zergling
scout on the bottom of the ramp.

Seeing an easy kill, little Steve looked around.
He came down the ramp to shoo the Zergling off.
In an instant, a pack of Zerglings came
and made their way to the mineral bay.

The Executor was displeased
at the sight of the empty mineral fields
and little Steve who failed at such a simple task
So he kicked little Steve down the ramp
to explore the world and learn.
Aw, that brought a tear to my eye.
"Where's my credits for that excellent poem worthy of an award?"
+50, Smylez. +50 extra, that is.
"With respect sir, I think I deserve an extra 150 credits. 50 for the post, 50 for making KO cry, another 50 for making you cry, and another 50 for being original in that my sign in sheet was a poem."
Because you managed to make the title+me+poem, I concur. It is now worth +150, and the post above me is worth 69.
269 credits! I'm rich!
Oh cool! Are our old rpers making a thread here? Fun, :D

Btw Zanon, dat post...Oh my god. I loved it, <3
Jay! Hey!

Btw, I think I saw you at Gencon. Just sayin'.

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