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I didn't go to Gencon, so how is that possibre? XD
All the old rpers... and me.


Hibrib! What in the Queen's Blades do you think you're doing?!?

Er... spying on the Terran base?

We destroyed the Terran base. So why are you still a... a... what did you your turn into this time, you little miscreant?

Well, I turned into a dog.

He received a very nasty mental glare.

It seemed like a good disguise.

Grr. Did I tell you to disguise yourself as a dog?

Um... no, Overseer. I just thought-

Did I TELL you to think?


Let's get something straight here. You are a Changeling. I am an Overseer. You were not spawned for your brains, you idiotic slimepuddle! So you don't think, you don't come up with crazy ideas. You just spy on the enemy how I tell you to. Thinking is MY job. After all, my brain is bigger than your whole body.

But Overseer, nobody saw me. They killed all the other Changelings, the ones disguised as Marines!

This conversation is over. Go back to the Hive and think about what you've done.

Overseer Nargobz floated away, grumbling about uppity underlings and wondering if he could get someone else to take care of the stupid thing.

Hibrib gave a sad sigh and began walking back to the hive cluster. This was not a good day. He'd already gotten into trouble earlier for turning into a drone and helping mine vespene. He was told he was unqualified, overly creative, and stupid. So far it seemed nothing he did ever turned out right. As he walked, he became aware that he was being followed. It didn't take long for his pursuers to catch up to him.

"Hey, dog whisperer! Loved your disguise!"

"Ha ha! Maybe you should have been an Overlord, you think you're so smart."

"Or maybe he should have been a vespene Extractor. He's got the brains for that job."

Laughing, the three other Changelings pushed past him and continued. He sighed sadly and trudged onwards.
I still want to know how to do this? I read the introduction on the thing and I'm still a tad confused, I think it would be best if I would ask before I do something? I mean like what do we do?
Basically, you make a young character who will mature.
Narz, the philosophical Zergling, finally got his OverLimousine. Its name is Nargobz the Second.
"Soon.." he thought, and his OL agreed. It was nearly time to abandon the trappings of his sheeple hive. Everyone obeying the same queen... he tired of it.
Nym (Pronounced "Nim") Age 8, Terran

I can already tell Mama just wants me to go get Daddy.

“Just wait please,” I yelled downstairs as I finished my drawing. I liked this one. There were lots of colors and things everywhere in the picture, just like that thing I saw the other day when...

“Nymira Jayleen Darfale, please come down!” Mama shouted from the bottom of the staircase, an uneasy note to her voice. She didn’t like it when I did things like that.

I sighed, and dropped my color crayons down next to my paper. I looked briefly around at the other drawings I’d made since I was too little to even count. There were lots and lots of them, thick like wallpaper all over the walls of my room. I’d have to wait until later to put my new doodle up on the wall too.

“I’m coming!” I shouted, starting to skip down the hallway just as I thought Mama was about to yell up the stairs again. Sometimes it was hard to tell what she would do, I wasn’t really good at telling all the time. I’m getting better at it though, I thought to myself as I hopped down the stairs.

“There you are,” Mama half smiles as she sees me round the corner into the kitchen. It smells like something crawled into the oven and died again…but of course I wouldn’t say that. But it’s kinda sad, cause I know Mama can smell it too, and she’ll prolly still make me and Daddy eat it all up anyway, whatever she made. Mama was a terrible cook, and she’s told herself lots of times(I’ve heard her, even though she’s never said it aloud)but she still tried making supper for us every weekend she was home from the city.

“Can yo-“ I finish her sentence for her. “Go get Daddy?” I finish. She nodded in a slight manner, a funny expression on her face.

I grinned as I pushed through the screen door on the other end of the kitchen, and skipped/ran out into the backyard. It was getting dark, and the sun was just starting to set, leaving bright reds mixed with darker purples and blues in the sky. It was really pretty.

Just across the backyard I could make out the lights of the workshop just at the tree line of the woods. Daddy must be still working, if he still had all those lights on inside. The windows seemed to almost glow on their own. I ran over, the long grass tickling my bare feet as I went.

I paused about seven feet from the door to the garage, pausing in my steps. I smiled as I heard Daddy call out from the shop. “I know you’re there Nym,” There was a playful note to his voice. It was a game between the two of us, to see if I could keep quiet enough to sneak up on him. I still liked playing this game with him, even though I knew I coudln't win it...yet.

I pushed open the door, welcomed by the sudden bright lights that filled my vision as I walked into the shop. There was Dad, putting together his silly buggy-cart again. It was the jet blue one he used for dirt track racing when his buddies came to town. He brought me with sometimes, but just to watch from the sidelines like everyone else. He wouldn’t let me in the cart with him cause he was afraid that if he crashed it again (like he did last year before my birthday) while he was riding, I’d get beat up real bad. He didn’t want me to get hurt, and I understood that okay too.

Daddy looked up from spinning the tires on the cart, and smiled his big toothy grin at me. He looked like a mess, with his black hair all messy and greasy from working all day, and his clothes stained with engine juice. Ew! Mama wouldn’t be happy, I thought…she don’t like it when he makes a mess of himself all the time.

It don’t matter, I heard Daddy’s voice say, as he heard that last thought trail through my head. He chuckled aloud. Besides…I got no one to impress, do I? I already got Mama, He looked at the car, then around at me again, his funny smile now on his face that always made me laugh when I was littler. It still did, and I laughed as I ran up to him, hugging his waist.

Me and Daddy were special, cause we had our own way of talking that only we could understand. He taught me it since I was little, and I was getting really good at it.

He knelt down and hugged me back, his real smile now on his face again. His prickly beard poked the side of my face, but I didn’t mind. So, another disaster’s waiting for us inside I suppose? He asked in his joking way.

Mhmm. This time, it smells like something died in the kitchen again… I said, crinkling my nose.

He laughed at that. Well, come on Nym…better not keep Mama waiting, he said, and he scooped me up, and hoisted me up onto his shoulders for a piggyback ride. We ducked outside after turning off the big lights in the shop and started for the house. The stars were starting to twinkle up in the sky. I looked up at them, and reached a hand up trying to touch them.

Someday Daddy, I wanna go up there too, like you did, I said, still staring up at the sky.

Daddy pauses mid-step, and his mind went quiet like it did when he was thinking about what he was going to say. He did it so he wasn’t predictable like Mama was…and sometimes when he didn’t want me to hear what he thought. Somehow though, by the face Daddy made...I think it was for the second reason this time.

…no you don’t Nym, he said quietly after a while, and he looked up at the sky too, looking very sad.


Yep. A wall of text. Like a boss. xD
Sweet Gaia...What is it?^
11/15/2012 07:03 PMPosted by Mockingjay
A wall of text. Like a boss.
My intro to vulture's thread here, :P
Kind of like Zanon's post, only replace the 'creepy' with 'cute.'
11/16/2012 03:13 AMPosted by KnarledOne
Kind of like Zanon's post, only replace the 'creepy' with 'cute.'

What do you expect?

Mine happens at school (one of the most feared and dreaded locations of first world teens) whereas Jay's takes place in the presence of a loving family.

Location is everything.
Well I shall join this. Soonish.
Well, time to make my famous Wall O' Text. With a real character. After I get home from school.

+200 Credits, btw, Jay.
I PLAN on (Though, knowing me, it isn't likely) doing a serious plot for a new character, not just Narz.
Hibrib comes from an unloving family. Soon to be a broken family.

Such a post must be high quality so I actually earn creds this tyime.
This is not dead. I have a story, I just need to finalize it.

Give us some love here, and think about joining maybe? :)
Hibrib slowly climbed the ramp towards the Hive cluster. He shook his head sadly, wondering what sort of punishment the Brood Mother would give him for his foolishness.

I really thought I was helping.

He got to the top of the ramp, and something bothered him about it. He tthought for a minute, then realized what was wrong.

No creep!

He looked around, and confirmed this. No creep. No defensive Spine Crawlers guarding the ramp. No familiar sounds of overlords spawning and drones laboring. He increased his pace, walking quickly to where the expansion was.

No hatchery. No drones. What could have happened?

Running now, he made his way up to the higher ground where the primary Hive cluster was, and was greeted with a horrible sight.

The Hive was in ruins. The main structure had collapsed, and was reduced to a mound of flesh. He could see four puddles of slime where the other Changelings had been destroyed, and many small heaps of charred flesh where warriors once stood. The Brood Mother's large carcass was lying in several pieces near the destroyed Hydralisk Den. Suddenly, Hibrib saw something that made him turn transparent with horror.


Scrambling over bodies and destroyed structures, he dashed to the spot. Nargobz was lying slumped against a blasted Extractor. His gas sacs had been punctured, and he was gasping for air, his body unused to the pressure.

"Boss! Boss, are you okay?"

"Hib... Hibrib, is that... you?" the Overseer said weakly. "You... you're alive?"

"Yeah boss. Just hold still, you'll regenerate and we'll rebuild."

The Overseer shook his head. "No. No... I'm finished. Without Creep to sustain me, I will be dead soon. But you... you are alive. That is good. The Terrans... they had a... hidden base. They massed Battlecruisers... we stood no chance against them."

He reached out a massive tendril. "Hibrib... you need to leave. Find a way out of here. You... you have a greater destiny than the rest of us. Just re... remember... war... is no good. Don't ever fight just... just because someone else tells you you should. I... I made that mistake. You... You've been different from the start. You... can... can..."

Nargobz' last breath escaped his lungs, and he went still. The ruined Creep strained at his body, trying feebly to reabsorb him into a Brood that no longer existed. Hibrib rose, acid tears streaming down his slimy face. He looked up. The sky had darkened, and the stars were visible.

Out there... on some other world... maybe I can forget all this. Maybe on some little Terran colony, I can find a real family. A place where I can just live.

The Changeling gave one last look at Nargobz' body. The grouchy Overseer had always berated him no matter what he did, but he was the closest thing Hibrib had to family. And in the end... he was family.

Wiping the tears from his face and turning himself into a Terran child, he headed for the Terran base (now rapidly becoming a thriving colony) and never looked back.
I'm quite sad this isn't getting much for RP love...I think it would be interesting to roleplay this way, starting as a child and growing up to be an adult and older. Plus, this would indefinately help my character development for my main char. for the story I'm making (Nym is the name of the main character of ze story, :P).


And also, I hope you're going to tell us what's going to be happening Vultureling, I'm anxious to start if we can, :)
Ok. I need to finish my character idea :P Give me some timez.
This is a shortened version, as I'm tired.

X was a small, underfed Scourge. He was so small and useless, that he was forgotten during the Brood Wars, which allowed him to survive past them.

Y was a small, underfed human. He was so small and useless, that he was forgotten altogether, except by the drunks at the tavern he lived in. They thought he was quite "Purdy", and did things best left out to him.

X and Y met each other at the tavern one evening. Y thought that X was a bird, and came to feed it. X, however, was not a bird. X and Y bonded, to the point they could hear each other. Y became more human. Now, he lives on with a new purpose.

Please note that Y is at the place where we will all meet up: a crappier version of Joey's.

More notes: You are all going to come to this world (Plotworld) at some point between the ages of 10-14. Maybe your whole family comes, maybe just you. Point is, more plot happens when people are nearer.

Quick, someone, spawn plot!

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