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Joeyray's Bar
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He's gone by then, unfortunately, having dashed off when Kenton yelled at him.
X and Y just observe, and Y offers drinks.
"...Darn. Gone already." I mumbled to myself. I returned to the all-important duty of returning the models to their rightful places on the board, Kenton still fuming at the nerve of the man to bump the table without apolagizing.

Should probably try to apolagize to him if I see him again. He looked like one of the employees that worked here, the chef maybe. Seems like a nice enough guy, and I'd finally have a friend my age so my mom would stop berating me about needing to hang out with my peers more often.
Y offers a drink again.
"No thanks," The DM said, "I need to keep a clear head for the mathematical sh*t storm that's about to ensue.

"Hey, Ah'll have one over here!" Kenton half-slurred, waving a hand to get Y's attention.

"I'll just have a glass of water." Michael said.

"In any case, the rest of the gang better hurry up with that damn bathroom break..." THe DM mumbled to himself.
Hibrib returns at about midnight, off duty. He glances with mild surprise at the D&Ders. Still here? Incredible. He goes and buys a carbonated beverage (the lax laws aren't quite that lax), and sits down to drink it.
Y returns with drinks, acting for all the world like a waiter at a high-end restaurant... except he had a freaking live bomb on his shoulder.
I merely shrugged at Y's apparant suicidal nature. As long as he didn't blow us all up, what was there to be paniced about? As the last encounter of today (or tommorrow, technically, if the clock was right) wrapped up, I noticed the guy who had ran off earlier sipping a drink at the counter. Now's my chance.

"Okay, guys, I think that'll be it for tonight," The DM announced. "Michael has school tommorrow and the last thing he needs is his mother scolding him for pulling an all-nighter, Jackson's got hockey practice and needs all the sleep he can get, and quite frankly, I think Kenton has had enough to drink for one day."

I packed up his things, watching with mild amusement as the DM helped the completely wasted Kenton put away his things and carry him over his shoulder to their car. As for me, my house was just a short walk from here, so I still had time to make some small talk.

I walk over to the guy and sit down next to him, ordering another glass of water as I did so. I glanced at him with an apolagetic look.

"Sorry about Kenton from earlier. He gets ticked easily when he's tipsy. Name's Michael. What's yours?"
Who are you talking to?
OOC: Knarled.
G'night guys. I may stay up a bit longer, but my character is going to disappear shortly unless something drastic happens.

Hint: Make something drastic happen.
"Uh... R.B. And thanks. I'm kinda used to it though. Hey, I've seen you in here a lot lately, playing that game. Where you from?"
"Arcadia, backwater planet for the most part. Moved here becuase my dad got a job here with some engineering company. You?"
Hibrib groans inwardly. He should have known better than to steer the conversation in that direction. "Oh, you know. Same sort of thing. Wound up here after the Swarm hit the planet. Turns out I didn't need to leave anyways, they lost."
OOC: G2g. black friday. that is all.
OOC: Understood. Farewell, and don't get yourself knifed or trampled to death.
Anything going to happen to XY, or shall I leave?
I don't think anything else is happening tonight. Jake's gone, and I'll be gone soon, and my char is in a conversation with him, so unless the Zerg attack the planet or something, nothing's happening.
k, night then.

Later. (Its late)

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