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I can't really do much till someone fills out the criteria. Argh.
OOC: If you need something drstic to occur, why can't you do it yourself? Only you know exactly what kind of event you need, and I've got no plans on having my character turning the place upside down, so unless Knarled or one of the other people feel like stirring something up, you can either make your own event or be content with the Slice of Life theme we've got going here.
^ Sake of plot. Can't force characters to do stuff. Wouldn't be very fun for any of us.
Hibrib headed home. When he arrived, he discovered "home" didn't belong to him anymore. Somebody else had moved in. Of course, the messy looking thug probably wouldn't have dared if he knew a Zerg lived there, but oh well. This had happened before.

Moving quietly, the Changeling located a fairly dry looking patch. The rainstorm of a few hours ago had left almost everything wet, though.

It sure rains a ton here, Hibrib thought. He then melted down, the liquid of his body rearranging to form a tentacled mass. He squirmed up under a small canopy and gripped it. This would do for tonight.
XY tries (D20) to run away, fails.
A new person walks into the bar.
Hibrib slunk back into the Bar the next day. It was time to get to work. He glanced at the newcomer. Haven't seen him around before.

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