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Hey guys,

I have an assignment for my mgmt 381 course which involves creating a start-up venture and I need your help!
I need to do a market analysis so I can get an idea of the market situation as well as pricing options for a gaming bar. If you guys don't mind taking a few minutes to fill out this survey: (why no hyperlink?), I would really appreciate it! It is only 9 questions, so it shouldn't take you very long at all.

Here's the D/L: the bar is called Select Start and it is going to be located in B.C., Victoria (I know some of you don't live in Canadia, let alone on the island, but pretend it is in your local community) and it is going to focus on e-sports immersion. The bar will contain 10+ computers for people to log on to and play games ranging from SC, LoL, TF2, CoD, etc. as well as several consoles connected to TVs. Patrons will be able to rent equipment (mouse, keyboard, controllers, etc.) for a fee (including dmg deposit) or bring their own, and pay for game time to use the machines. The bar will specialize for barcrafts and other large events centered around e-sports. People will be able to buy food and drinks.

I do realize that most of these activities can be performed in the comforts of our own homes, but the point is to bring people together, increase e-sports awareness, and frag some n00bs while having a few drinks.

Please bump/pass it along to help me out (a quick debrief would probably help). Thanks, internets!

Smoochie boochies
I took one for ya. :D
Thanks, Vader :)

Still a ways away from what I need for the project, but it's getting there!
Thanks to everyone who took the time :D
If you can host those games you can also host for magic and DnD .....

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