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Mine are pretty much all RPing sites. Nothing much more serious than that.
Something like that, I pay money monthly for that one. You see, I sign up for web hosting, and get 50GB space on the site I made. I keep important documents there, and backed up files.

That's awesome.
11/07/2012 12:49 PMPosted by Zarkun
Mine are pretty much all RPing sites. Nothing much more serious than that.

Like what? A forum page?
Did anyone else check Duke's Arcade out? ^
Pretty cool.

I'm ambivalent to this. I think the forums are enough. I suppose you can have a forum dedicated to each active RP or something of the sort.
Yeah, pretty much. Also includes an instant chat and a members and rules page.

Thank you all your your feedback! Now I'll outline the development plan.

  • 3 stages of alpha, I'll be sure to update you on each one. The goal is, that by the time alpha is done, we will have a pretty solid site, that includes all the necessary features.
  • 3 stages of beta, at this time you will make the Email accounts I talked about, and you will all be invited to participate. Throughout these stages, suggestions will be taken seriously, and we will likely see some changes.
  • The site will be official, a sticky will be put up, and the "initiation" will include an invitation with instruction, so that new folks can join.
  • Note, I will maintain control over the site, along with the moderation of TheCommander, I plan to give it to him eventually. Each person will have a persona, which gives them each 100mb of space. This persona is fully customizable. I will make video tutorials showing you how.

    And most importantly, Follow the code.

    Planned features (at the moment)

  • Real time chat.
  • Database.
  • media sharing through personas.
  • Code in addition to a few extra rules.
  • Roleplay map support.
  • Polls.
  • Arcade.
  • Links.
  • Members area.
  • Duke, do you use mac, PC, or Linux and are you really good at computers in all areas? Yeah I know you have a computer degree, but I'm not sure if that means you have all the ins and outs.
    Windows 8 Pro
    i7 4Ghz quad core, turbo button software installed.
    8GB DDR3 2200Hrz ram
    2GB DDR3 video RAM
    1.2TB 7200rpm Seta HDD

    Yes, I'm very smart when it comes to computers. (almost all areas)
    Hm. I'll join, just can't figure out where the dang button is >.<
    Lol, it's coming.

    Still in alpha.
    Cool, cool. You know, I'm not going to lie. I may come to you for computer advice sometime. I hope that doesn't give you the wrong impression like that's the only reason I would talk to you. I'm just saying that I'm not good with a lot of computer things and sometimes I need help.
    Okay... so... what's the point?
    @TC lol, not a problem.
    @Makus, did you read the features? You will be able to share anything through your persona. And the site will store information, like the newly added bar history.

    Oh, someone suggested I have a link somewhere to DA, mind giving me the link so I can add it.
    11/08/2012 05:17 AMPosted by Duke
    Oh, someone suggested I have a link somewhere to DA, mind giving me the link so I can add it.

    I'm not feeling well again, this is the least I can do. My throat feels really heavy and swollen...Yuck.

    Markus does realize that it's nice to have a site so we can help organize a lot of specific planning and etc...but the real kicker is maybe we should start a Joeyray's Starcraft 2 team?
    With a site, it is certainly a possibility to have a team.
    We could try it in the summer when people have more free time.
    And thanks for the link.

    Drink juice, and gargle warm salt water 3 times today. If you have any calcium magnesium zinc supplements, taking some before bed should help. Also, try a nose jeeny, or whatever it's called. Also, take a hot shower, and slowly lower the water temp until unbearable.

    This is my chat. It's for more private discussions.

    You need the capital letters for the regular bar, I think.

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