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Hey everyone, I would just like to post a solution to both the (hotly debated) OP infestor issue, and thereby fixing the PvZ endgame (hopefully for the better). I watch pro games everyday, and though I'm a lowly silver/gold league player I would just like to see what the community here thinks of the solution I came up with.

Make infested terran unable to hit air units.

Its simple, but I think its just whats needed. Making infested terran only hit ground means that zerg players will need to rely on their fungals to take out air units, so the BL-Infestor composition will require the Zerg to more keep corruptors or force them to try harrassing with infested terran. That composition isnt destroyed, but it makes Zerg players more careful and aware of how many corruptors they'll need on the field.
On top of that, this makes air play more viable in nearly every matchup. With good micro, you can make air play vs Zerg viable all game, without being overpowered. Zerg will need to be more careful with how they spend fungals and are more inclined to keep hydras or another form of AA around. I know the odds of this one change will be completely balanced, and so if this is implemented it would require changes elsewhere.

Is taking AA away from Infested terrans a possible solution to an OP infestor?
There needs to be mods here!
Mass Stalker + Deathball (Protoss) = Infestor/ Brood Lord
This would likely need other changes to the infestor and/or infested terran, but I think I=its a real possibility. It makes playing air against Zerg more viable, so broodlord/infestor is weaker.

And yes VIPER that may become true, thats why I said adjustments will be necessary. And on top of that, making that zerg composition weaker means that they wont ALWAYS work towards that in the lategame, only when they see a LACK OF blink and numerous stalkers. It makes the zerg lategame more dynamic rather than forcing the same Broodlord-infestor vs mothership vortex engagement, and makes an opportunity for new strategies to be used in lategame PvZ
Infested terrans not hitting air? Well okay but neither can marines than.
Okay lore wise it's not perfect, but balance is the goal here
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