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When a Nydus bursts from the ground it creats a circle of creep. I think this circle should change based on where the spawning worm's rally point is set when it finishes building. If the worm isn't rallied when it spawns, the creep forms a circle like it does now. But if the worm has a rally point when it breaks out of the ground, the creep forms an oval stretching toward the waypoint. The area covered by creep would be the same, but the player would get a small amount of control over where that creep lands.
idk for sure but i think they tried something similar and decided it was not working. i wish they would keep some focus on the nydus but seems toss is the main focus for the expansion so far. sad cuz i was really hoping zerg would receive more units to catch them up. They still have the fewest tools in the toolbox if you know what i mean. Maybe then infestor could get the nerf every terran is dreaming of

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