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Hey guy's, I was just wondering how you go on about getting your extractor's, do you get an extractor and then make 3 or 4 more drones to replace the ones going in gas? or do you do something different. what i do is instead of getting 16 drones on one base i get 18 to count for the 2 geysers at a base and so i don't have to rebuild those ones and i can just use up three larva and rally the drone egg's to the extractor's.

So i usually take gas whenever i have enough larva but i was thinking say if you had 16 drones on minerals and no geyser taken, and you decided to take both geysers in your base that would leave you with 8 drones on minerals so my question is do you guys make enough drones to saturate your geysers? or do you just replace them when you have enough larva. :)
I get the drones first. I get really saturated on the base before taking gas. Normally I live off of one gas for quite a while so I can drone up like a madman
Like Xzar said, you can get away with one gas for about the 7-8 minute mark. Then you're going to have to stock up on gas for your tier 2 & 3 units. I usually throw down 3 gas if I'm going roaches so I can spit out roaches with upgrades tossed in. If I'm going for infestor/ultra/ or brood lords you're going to need 6 geysers running minimum. This is an extremely costly composition and will need gas as soon as your Lair is finished.

Remember that if you have a lot of gas use it up! Get upgrades, get infestors and most importantly get more geysers!

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