Company of Brothers

Joeyray's Bar
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I edited my post =)
Is this before or after Maltheism, in Stefan's timeline?

Thyke looks around. Not very talkative, he thinks. Wish there was something to eat around here.
Different Stefan, I've got three now...
11/14/2012 01:01 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
Race: Human (Human, not Terran)
They're both the same thing...
Lol, Warhawk, you should not name every character Stefan xD

Race: Human (Human, not Terran)
They're both the same thing...

Humans are from earth, Terrans are from... other places xD
..........Not going to say it........
11/14/2012 05:44 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
Humans are from earth, Terrans are from... other places xD
The terrans are a young technology species with psionic potential. The terrans of the Koprulu Sector descend from the survivors of a disastrous 23rd century colonization mission from Earth.
Humans and Terrans are the same thing. "Terran" means "person from Terra."

Terra = Earth
Okay, whatever, lol, she's Human, Terran, earthling, whatever you want to call it.
Mark, don't argue with the DM, its bad for your health. (and that of your character)
War, harsh...well not yet anyway.
Going to continue with introductions until I get back from school tomorrow.
But I will make this one post to help move some things along until then.

IC: Food arrived to every table, as well as drinks. From water, to alcohol.
I sigh and take a bite. Hopefully this was worth it.
Thyke begins drinking a lot of water. Some good icewater always helped his nerves.

This can't be right. The Dominion never feeds the rank and file like this... what are we here for?
Marcy picks at her food, ignoring everyone around her. She was wondering how her squad was faring.
Thyke elbows the person next to him lightly. "Hey."

Whoever wants to be sitting next to Thyke...
Stefan gives the waiter a courteous nod, before carefully inspecting his food. After a moment, he grabs his utensils and starts to eat.
I glance at the young man. "Yeah?"
Samantha was careful to inspect the food before eating it. After assessing it was safe, she dug in, not caring to be polite.
Stefan pauses sharply, carefully eyeing Samantha.

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