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My mind again begins to argue with itself, perhaps even more violently than before.

What you want isn't right.

Says who? You? Modern society? You have no knowledge of what right and wrong is, because there's no such thing. It's all made up....a fairytale.

You're wrong...and I wont give in to you! I wont let you do what you wish to do!

And how might you go about stopping me, "Ben"? You do know that's not your name, right?

Of course it's my name, Ben, that's my name.

*chuckles* No, that's not your're foolish. You don't remember anything, how would you know your name? The people here certainly don't, I made sure of that.

What do you-

But just then, I was cut off by somebody waking me up.

OOC: I wonder if anyone gets it yet, I doubt it though.
The people here certainly don't, I made sure of that.
OOC: Wtf is this????

Have you ever heard of love at first sight? I personally dont believe in it, but there is a possibility that it exists. For fantasy and sci-fi purposes, it can exist.

Besides, you have no idea how long Joey has been looking for someone special, perhaps she just clicked in place.
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The people here certainly don't, I made sure of that.
OOC: Wtf is this????

You'll see, don't worry about it for now.
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OOC: Wtf is this????

You'll see, don't worry about it for now.
Fine. I'll just assume your character is going crazy for now. ~_~
Marcy gets up, not because some alarm had woke her up. Well, not an outside alarm. Her body woke her, as this was usually the time her NCO got his team up. She climbs out of bed, grabs a change of clothing, and looks around the room. Finding what she is after, she opens a door and closes it behind her, going to take a shower.
I shoot up, reaching instinctively for my pistol, and then remember where I am. Sighing, I stand up and head to the shower. I needed to retrain that rodog before it killed me.
Samantha shot up and felt her stomach. She gave a sigh of relief and thought about her dream. The details were obscured but basically she remembered that they got in a fight last night and then she awoke in the middle of night with a knife in her stomach and Joey hovering over her.

Her breathing was staggered as she looked over at Joey. Sound asleep. She knew that wouldnt last long. She opened her drawers and searched for some clothes. The cold in the air pierced her pores, then she realized she was only in her underwear. She gasped and looked at Joey. Still asleep. Phew. She looked back at her bed and put on the clothes she had on last night.

Unfortunately I had clothes on last night. Samantha frowned at the thought. Where did that come from?

She shook her head, put some clothes on and left for the womens bathroom to take a shower.


OOC: By the way, I'm waiting for someone to...well, wake me up. XD
Monroe was tired from the nightmare, he couldn't muster the strength to take a shower, he just made his way towards the mess hall while allowing Lupa to wake the other recruits up.

A voice could be heard in all of the recruits rooms. {It's time to wake up, Monroe has some news for all of you, especially for Samantha.}
I get up, change my clothes, do my hygiene thing, and report to the mess hall, my head aching from last night. I be careful not to bump my head on the way out.
I stir, remembering vividly what my mental debate last night, but the other voice seemed nonexistent at the time, so I wrote it off. I woke up, groggy, and made my way towards bathroom, and once there took a shower, got dressed and went back out to where Lupa's voice was.
"so how is our subject?"

"he seems to be able to do the task better on troubled minds"

"troubled minds?"

"umm.. people who have gone through hardships, traumatization"

"hmm interesting and?"

"nothing of late sir but he does direct a sort of fatherly attitude towards them"

"we cannot have any of it. remind me to wipe emotion in the near future"

"yes sir....."

i bolt up with a start. day already? i had a dream that's for sure but of what i don't remember. it was time to get up anyways. as i slowly got out of bed i went and got my clothes on.
Mark, edit that. It's gonna mess with me until you do.

IC: I listen to the voice and chuckle. She'd really set herself apart with that weapon stunt.
Marcy steps out of the bathroom, her dirty clothes in her left arm. She folds her clothes up, and puts them out of the way. She walks out, and starts heading toward the mess hall, mostly on automation as she moves down the hall.
OOC: since no one is posting i'll double post

IC: after i got dressed i went into my private bathroom and brushed my teeth. the whole place was full of dust and soot, the mirror was actually cracked at the top left corner. "so much for a private bathroom" i thought to myself. after getting ready i began heading to the mess hall the way clear to me from last night's phase drifting (the post where i was like a spirit)
I remember what we're doing, and head to the mess hall.
Kevin's eyes opened at the sound of the alarm and he begrudginly turned it off. Still laying down in his bed, he stared blankly at the ceiling. It was a brutal regimen yesterday and his body would have been utterly broken if not for the demanding physical aspects of mining that helped tone his muscles.

Watching those two fight, he couldn't help but think what will become of him if he managed to pull through this program. Will he turn out to be like them or worse? Will they simply become machines expected to perform heinous crime without hesistation?

He got up from bed and dressed himself in the appropriate attire. He was thinking too much. Today he needed to focus on the simulation. He left his dorm and headed for the simulation room.
FYI darkra... The bathroom wouldn't be covered with soot and dust, nor would the mirror be cracked. Just letting you know.

IC: Monroe reached the mess hall and sat down, near the far end of a table waiting for the others to arrive. Everything that he ever did and everything that has ever happened was finally starting to take it's toll on him, bags under his eyes. He was tired and exhausted.

Lupa was then sending instructions to the mess hall onto a holographic projector in front of them. Sent directly to them from following the brain waves.
OOC: it just shows how he wants to be isolated and for this reason he might want to use the public bathrooms and maybe be a bit more social

IC: as i arrived i sat down at the opposite end of the mess hall where another man was sitting. he looked tired but it wasn't my job to know why.
Finishing, I turn off the water and climb out, drying off and dressing in all but my shirt. I walk out into bedroom, noticing Samantha was up, but in the shower. I decide to wait again.

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