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Marcy arrives in the Mess Hall. She walks over to a table, stopping to salute to Monroe for a second, then continues walking. She takes a table away from everyone, and stares at the table, remembering her squad and the better memories of her childhood.
I arrive and sit down. I see that Monroe is tired. This can't be good. I start fidgeting, nervous about what Monroe is going to say.
Monroe has seen Marcy entering the Mess Hall as well, she seemed to be ready for this kind of thing. That was when I decided to be a little friendly. Beckoning her with my one hand. "Why don't you join us... I have something to tell you all and I wish to get to know you all. I know I have the reports... But they are nothing compared to hearing it from the actual person."
I walk in, still rather tired and showing it. I sit down with everyone else, but a little further away on the table than most.

Ugh, oh well, we'll eat then I'll wake up a bit.
i walk steadily forward towards who i think is the one called monroe and take a seat at the far end of the table listening attentively to what he might say.
Marcy hears Monroe speak, but doesn't look his way. When he was done talking, she looks at him, and says simply "With respect, sir, !@#$ you and your organization." She says nothing else, and goes back to her memories, remembering her posting near Protoss space.
OOC: oh and hey guys i might make an RP some time soon and i'm trying to make a really customizable character template so if some of you would join when i have it up i'd be happy
I joined my very first one which was yours, not to bad... Kinda funny when you dragged TC up a building.

IC: Monroe heard those exact words, not doing anything but just sat there. "You don't even know what I was going to say, I know why you are so upset... But I lost so much more than you could possibly believe..."
I keep a calm exterior, but inside I am extremely nervous. Why is this "Monroe" so interested in getting to know us? This can't be good. Too bad this is the only available job...
OOC: haha ya i remember that too. so if i make it will you join? you are quit and active RPer and one of the only ones that i actually recognize from back in the day
Marcy ignores him, and lays down using another seat, staring at the ceiling. She hated them for pulling her away from the squad she was with, and taking her to god-knows-where.

OCC: Note to anyone with psionics, about the only thing you will find when you try to read her will be seething anger, almost a wall of it.
Maybe it's because the only ones still from when I joined would be Knarled, TC, and Fantasy... Woops, I forgot smylez. And then Zanon comes bye from time to check on us.

IC: Monroe just remained seated, waiting for the others to arrive. "Don't be like me and hold onto the past, don't let that anger of yours consume you."
Do you remember yet?

Ugh...not you again...

You don't then, you don't remember who I am...or rather, who you are.

I'm Ben, Ben Quill.

Sure, tell yourself that, make it harder on yourself when you discover the truth.

What truth?

Your truth, naturally.

I don't know what you're talking about.

OOC: ya its kinda sad but you know we got a new generation of inspiration to cover for vet RPers

IC: i wasn't one for patience and its been some time so i cracked "Sir if you have something to say how bout you go ahead and say it?"
I wonder who he's talking to. Me? No way.
"Because I don't want to repeat myself, and we aren't starting breakfast until everyone arrives. Not even I will go up until then." Monroe combed his hair back.
IC: "sir you and i both know that Samant- i mean the two that are left will not be coming for some time if you know what i mean" i growled back
Marcy replies "You took me from, essentially, the only family I've ever had. I have no reason to trust you or anyone working with you."
What? What history is there between the two of them?

I doubt Monroe 'took away' any family or friends on purpose, or if he did he regrets it... The question is will Marcy forgive him?
I don't trust you, why should I trust you?

Because I'm right?

Doubt it.

You're just in denial.

With that, I seemed to be brought back into reality...but what if the voice was right?

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