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I realize it's getting late and I hit the intercom button. [We're running a bit behind. Seems my shirts are missing. Be there soon.]
Monroe then stares down the man that made the comment to him about Samantha and Joey. "At least they are doing something useful with their life..." Then he looked at Marcy. "I lost my family, I lost every friend I ever had, I lose my entire squad, I lost my humanity."

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"hmph well tell me on the intercom when this little gathering is going to start" i said as i walked out the door heading for the training hall.
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as i walked towards the training hall i had an urge to go to Samantha's dorm and well hurry the 2 up. walking past the halls i found the room again and began pounding on the door.
I lied, I'll be leaving real, real shortly. And I added you Fencar.

IC: Monroe was being patient, despite everything that was happening. {Okay, just try not to take to long Joey... There is already a few problems.}
Marcy chuckles, not out of humor but out of contempt. She didn't believe a word he said in the first place, and even if it was true, she still had no reason to trust them. She sighs.
[We'll hurry.] I walk over to her door and knock on it. "Sam, we gotta go. Hurry." I then go to look for an appropriate shirt.
not impressed i lounged near the door
this was when i really began to get angery "HEY WOULD YOU HURRY IT UP IN THERE I DON'T HAVE ALL DAY!!" i roared
Sorry, but I can't go anywhere without Mark.
Im back!!


Samantha puts on her utility belt and straps it on, "What's going on?"
Name, age, gender: Daris McGill, Age 35, Male

Apperance: He shaves his head daily if he has a chance, if he isn't able to shave a nice orange fluff will start to spurt out disabling the drawing capabilities of his cranium. He stands above the average man at 6’2 with his dark green eyes, He generally wears a jumpsuit under whatever uniform he is given unless the uniform requires a different one, but refuses to give up his fingerless gloves unless forced to enter a powered suit. He has a average build of not to muscular, but not too fat.

Backstory and Previous jobs: Daris started life on a space platform orbiting a fringe world, Being the hub of spacecraft in dire need of repairs he was soon taken in by someone who was smart enough to take him as an assistant.

At the age of twelve quickly learned the man's trade of mechanics and for the next seven years he worked with the man almost forgetting he had a family at his “Home”. As a result of this he and his family grew distant from each other and acted as if neither existed.

When he turned nineteen he was dead set to explore the world below him and aide it with his adept skill in Mechanics. When he arrived he quickly seized a job as a mechanic for the colonial militia. For five years he worked repairing all sorts of things from the rare siege tank to the common powered armour suite, In his free time he took spare parts and made anything from makeshift weapons to MULE bots.

One day he was offered a much better job of being the replacement of a Hellion driver. He quickly accepted the job and fell in love of it instantly. Finding how painful it could be to drive with the all too common hand blisters he donned some fingerless gloves to reduce the pain as he drove on for the next ten years, as well as repairing his beloved machine. Once he turned thirty-four he retired from the militia and returned to the space platform to take his experiences and Hellion where it would be of some use than keeping colonists in line or getting the stray mutalisk in check.

He eventually was contacted by a shady looking person who had “Found out” he was looking for some sort of job, or anything for a matter, He was told of some.... Project, Nothing else was much said about it. He reluctantly signed up hoping on the inside that he would be available to put his hellion experience and mechanic experience to some useage.

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Tired of waiting, and hungry, my mind wanders once more.

I'm hungry.

Of course you are.

What? You again?!

But there was no answer, for the voice in his head was busy planning.
"i'll tell you what the hell is going on i've been waiting with the rest of the others in the cafe for and entire !@#$ing hour and you still haven't come out!" i yell back in there. i was usually calm but when it comes to patience i get angered easily.
Samantha frowned. Who was he? Again, the one time I dont have any equipment... She quickly put on her shoes and looked at Joey.

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rage was boiling inside me. my heart began to pump faster as the air around me began to heat up. this wasn't good. coming back to my senses i rushed to my dorm. grabbing my bag again i took out another syringe plunging it into my arm. i suddenly blacked out....

i woke up.... how long has it been...... haha who cares. i strolled through the halls landing beside the door again. "hey guys are you ready? don't worry take your time!" looking in a nearby mirror i admired my light blue eyes.

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Samantha frowned again, What was his problem? One minute he is about to bust in the door and the next he is telling me to take my time?
"umm may i come in? its such a rude way to greet people by locking them ou-"

*a loud thumping noise was heard outside a door as if someone fell on the ground*
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And I told Jay that he was accepted... But she left, so please don't yell at me.

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