Company of Brothers

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Samantha frowned again, then opened the door.
Come one, do something, you don't want to wait any longer, right?

I'm fine, how about you?

But again, there was no answer.
i slowly came to my senses.... f-ck my head hurt. slowly getting up i find Samantha looking down on me. bracing myself on the wall i slowly get up leaning on it just to keep upright. my eyes flared bright red. "you will not speak of this to anyone" i growled weakly, "lets go"
Marcy gets up from laying down, and begins pacing around the room, wondering what scenario they will be forced to fight in. She stops pacing for a little bit, looking lost in thought, then continues pacing around the room.
I get up, and approach Marcy.

"At least you can remember what you had. I don't even have that luxury at the moment.
brb so when mark posts assume we went back to the cafe
"Yeah, remembering is a wonderful thing." Marcy replies sarcastically. "Especially if that thing you remember is what happened in your childhood." She continues to pace, her mind seething at Monroe still.
OOC: I must have missed something, when did Marcy lay down?
OCC: Page 22, post 431. She's up and walking now.
"Better than having no memory, no identity, and knowledge of who you, your friends, or your family are. Trust me on that."

Don't speak too soon...

What do you mean?

Life is full of riddles, this is one of them.
Marcy snorts in reply. "So you say. I'd be more than happy to get rid of several of my memories." She goes back to her seat, tired of pacing around. She stares at the table, and goes through her first posting on the border of Zerg territory.
Sorry, had to go do something, with little warning.

IC: "Days starting, they have something to tell you."
"Some, perhaps wouldn't be so bad, but all of them...that's a problem."

Or is it?
"Great... Lets go." She followed closely behind Joey as he led the way to the mess hall.
OOC: How much are credits worth in Starcraft? I know that for about a hundred thousand you can upgrade all your Marines with Stim, but not much else.
You don't need to use game standards. Ya'll are limiting your imagination.

IC: Reaching the mess hall, I let her in first. "Careful, some of the others have institutionally decided not to like anyone with a prior history in combat."
Slipping out of bed, I head out and go to the mess hall, finding a seat.
Samantha nods and smiles at him, then finds a seat.
i fumbled behind them. clearly still a bit dazed i tried to keep a posture of normality. i took a seat beside Samantha. "i'm serious don't say anything" i whispered to her.
I notice that Joey and Samantha came together. Apparently they had opened up to each other.

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