Company of Brothers

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Samantha ignores him and looks for Monroe.
I follow and sit. "Clear out. You don't sit well with me. And I normally make sure those kinds of people don't last long enough to do the same to others. You're lucky I can't."
Monroe noticed all of them except for the one, he would tell him later when he was well rested. "Marcy... I don't care if you don't like us, I don't care if you don't want anything to do with us, but at least give me the respect to help you." He stood up. "Are you all ready for what I'm going to say?"
i ignore Samantha's lovebird. it was irrelevant about how she or her friend felt about the issue. no one can know about jack.
I shrug;
"Go for it, I've got my suspicions, but the truth is the best."
I say, with a gentle emphasis.
"Yes, sir." I say calmly.
i give a curt nod
Samantha ignored everyone else's chatter, "Yes, we are ready to hear whatever you have to say."
I sit back down.

"Bout damn time."
"No reason to trust you, or any of the other staff." Marcy replies, still not giving a care about Monroe. "What are we doing then?"
"You don't have to give trust to give respect, and I am willing to give you that respect and trust as well..." He sat back down. "First order of business," Monroe slid a knife over to Joey. "I believe that is yours..."
That's why we're ready. Nothings happened.

IC: I take my knife with a nod. "Thanks." I put the large bowie knife back in it's place on my belt.
i yawn "is that the only reason you called us here? to give back his toy?"
I cough gently;
"I believe that you would have my butterfly knife?..."
Monroe gave a quick look at Stefan. "Me and him made a deal... He gave me a reason and why." Looking at the rest of them." I feel like we should introduce ourselves. Only seems fitting... Who wants to start?"
"And you have my silenced gun, my knife, my stealth suit, my night vision goggles, my utility vest and my binoculars." Samantha said, counting on a finger each time she made a mental bullet point.
'i'll get it over with. my name is Dante Jack, came from the slums, nuff said"
"I have no I idea who I am." I say, chuckling.

But you do...don't you..

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