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Marcy looks up at the person requesting attention, a look of annoyance on her face.
The man then spoke in a deep booming voice. His voice strong and deep in authority.
"You are all hear because of this project! And only a few hands from the Dominion know about this, not even Mengsk knows. But we don't work for them either. And here is one thing that you all must learn about if you want to stay here, you are a lone wolfing it unless you need to."
He steps away from the podium and adjusts his suit.
"You may continue eating or you may report to your new sleeping quarters. Everyone gets a bunkmate...This is to create trust and respect."
Samantha shifted in her seat and looked around the table. ooh... this could get... interesting...
Kevin looks incredulous at the man at the podium and thinks to himself, "Wait a minute, are you telling us that you don't work for Mengsk or the Dominion for that matter? Who are you? Who's financing this project? How can the Dominion not know of this project? What is going on with the Dominion? I thought this was regular boot camp. Why is no one else here questioning this? I don't like this at all."
Marcy gets up, and walks out of the room, heading off to sleep.
"Believe me the dominion know nothing of this..." Samantha stated with confidence, but was still acting a little shy.

"Not that I would know... or anything..." Samantha tried to recover. Smooooth. Just shut up!
Kevin takes one last bite and looks at his card for the dorm number. There was nothing else to do but to go to bed. Hopefully the roommate wasn't a pain to deal with.
The man asked that one question, just because it was an interesting one.
"The Dominion don't know...because we're off the radar, some officials know about this. But the rest is under lock and key, and we are funding this...'The Mother' would be grateful for your cooperation for a better place for humanity. You have the most freedom of course, but if you choose to cannot tell anyone about what you've seen and experienced here."
"So... are we assigned rooms and bunkmates?" Samantha asked shyly, trying to change the subject.
He then turned his attention towards Samantha.
"In a way no, and in a way yes. We have several rooms, each room holds two people. You shall trust and respect for the roommates, we're making it interesting and allowing you to choose, freedom at it's finest. That is the true freedom, choices."
Samantha looked around the room once again. This could get awkward...
"Uh..." Is all Thyke can think to say, especially since he's been 'hearing' some of the thoughts flying around the table. He recovers. "I think I'll... just stay here for a while."
"Well, this is interesting. I have no clue who any of you are, or who I am, or why I'm here, and now I have to pick a roommate!"
Kevin goes to room 254 and unpack his things.
"Maybe you should assign us roomates..." Samantha suggested glancing at Joey.


Samantha and Joey FTW!
"Yes, I would wish to assigned, it would make it all easier..."
OCC: Speaking of room numbers, Marcy is in 252, unless it doesn't go that low, in which she is in 257

IC: Marcy enters her room, and puts the things she had taken with her at the foot of the bed, then lays down, staring at the roof.
"That would probably be for the best. That way if we wind up sharing a room with a psychopath we can blame someone else."
Room 250-259.

IC: The man laughed, he had to mess with these youngsters as they wanted him to.
"Fine Samantha, you are bunked with Joey. As for you Ben, that is your name right? You will bunk with Thyke. You two should be a good roommates."
Looking at Ben.
"Would you allow us to do some simple brain tests to see if you can remember?"
"And what the hell do I do?"

OOC: Ninja'd.

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