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Thyke looks at Ben. THen he 'looks' at him.

Ah, I see. Yes, I think I can relate to this person somewhat.
Wait, is he looking at me?

"Oh, were you talking to me? Is my name Ben?"
Samantha tried to exhale, but couldn't she just continued inhaling until she couldn't inhale anymore. She then used all her strength to exhaled slowly. Her breath was choppy and she made sure not to make any eye contact as she stood up and walked to her room.

On the way to her room, she grabbed her luggage.
Thyke observes Sam's thoughts with amusement. Wow. It was like she'd never seen a male before.
11/15/2012 03:21 PMPosted by KnarledOne
Thyke observes Sam's thoughts with amusement. Wow. It was like she'd never seen a male before.


Kevin goes to bed early after unpacking.
Samantha... you're acting like you have never seen a male before. Samantha shook the thought away because she knew it to be true. She hadn't seen Dave in a long time and it was becoming hard to stay true to... well... whatever they had going.

After entering her room she quickly picked the bed farthest from the door and began unpacking.
IKR? It's like she's a CrymsonRaven char.

lol, I did notice CR has a thing for romance. It's kinda fun, actually! Haha
It is funny.
"Romance" isn't the word I would use, but yes.


Two babies by love potion.

One by "wolfgirl in heat," with "breeding decree" thrown in.
Ok, let's not derail the thread now. We can talk about this in the bar.
Oh, shuttup!

IC: Samantha looked back at the door to make sure it was closed, then ran over to the bed. Standing on it, she could just barely reach a ventilation shaft. After carefully unscrewing it, she reached in and grabbed her backpack. It was full of just a few items they didn't allow in here. she didn't plan on using them, but she didn't like not having them. After pulling the box down and screwing the vent back in, she put the box in a drawer and piled some clothes on top of it.

The box had her concealed silenced pistol, her CQC knife and night vision goggles.

It nearly costed her life but Samantha disquised as a mechanic and replaced a few light bulbs in this room. While she did that, she slipped her backpack in the only place nobody would look, the vent. are correct, why must you be so right?

IC: The clocks were turning 1800 PM.
"Alright then, I'm going to bed. It's been a long day."
Samantha glanced at the clock and sighed. She began to recite her orders, but then remembered there are those who can read her thoughts, so she began playing pazaak in her head.

(Anyone get the reference? xD)
"So....where do I stay, and who's my roommate?"
11/15/2012 03:45 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
And don't worry...for you might be killed on sight, if not interrogated first if they find out. :)
And how do you sneak in weapons with an advanced detection scanner...This is a secret and you arrive fully loaded?

@Dac, they just told you and everyone is starting to prepare for bed.
"You're with me bro. I'm Rhyst. Rhyst Thyke."
CR, I didn't know they took our weapons, my bad :(
Keep it...unless you can explain to me in IC how she managed to sneak them in without detection of them.

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