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eh... Well if they really do have super advanced searching systems then I'll just edit... but... IDK, its your call you're the DM. I wont do anything retarded I promise xD
OOC: Yes....but he forgot, he's still a, how do I say it...

He isn't in his right state of mind, he needs to be reminded. :P
I said keep it...just RP it really well on how she managed to get it in. You know, tricks of the trade?
Stefan watched the fellow in black closely, his face unreadable. As everyone began to head to bed, Stefan stood up, grabbed his things and headed to a dorm. Incidentally the same room that Marcy had chosen.
Marcy listens to someone walking outside, and wonders if it is one of the officers or guards. She decides not to provoke anyone....yet, and continues staring at the roof.
Yes of coarse, I didn't mean to undermine you, CR. I will edit if you change your mind.

See post 92 for how she snuck it in.
Stefan steps into the dorm and gives a nod of acknowledgment to Marcy.
I've been indisposed, so can someone let me know what has happened?
11/15/2012 04:08 PMPosted by Zarkun
I've been indisposed, so can someone let me know what has happened?
Nothing much...Samantha is Joey's roomie though.
Nothing, really. The person said it was time to get some sleep to everyone.
I suddenly remember who my roommate was.

"Oh, that's right, Thyke, wait, what room am I in?"

OOC:I plan to make the regaining of my memory a bit of a subplot, that's okay, right?
Samantha and Joey are roomies, and it is getting late. that is about all that applies to you
I sigh and head to my room, checking for my side arm and knife. It was about all they'd allow me to bring. It was sad really, Bessie and I had seen a lot of contracts through together, not to mention hunts.
I dont think they allowed any equipment... I could be wrong though.


Samantha heard someone coming to the door. She quickly scrambled to shut all the drawers. She then whirled around and put her hands behind her back.
CR: update the char list please.

Stefan slips his things into a locker and then climbs into bed.
I'll let it pass, but you made it seem sneaky Markus. That is why I'm putting this pressure on you. And that sounds good Dac.
It was sneaky... She did sneak equipment in... I don't mean to undermine you CR. I will edit in a heart beat, just give the word.
I open the door and eye the seemingly innocent girl from earlier. "You know, a good merc knows a guilty stance when he sees one, and you, lass, have a guilty stance."
OOC: Okay, but don't worry about it for a while, he'll need to develop relationships at least somewhat first.

IC: Oh right, THAT was my room....what's with me right now? Can't remember anything...

I make my way to my room and settle in.
"What exactly are you accusing me of?" She asked, slowly walking to her bed.

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