Problem with 3D Stereo since last patch

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Customer support sent me to this forum for possible help.

I am only playing in AI or Campaign mode, only occasionally and up until the latest patch have had no problems with the game. Since around April I have been playing in 3D stereo mode, which is very cool and have had no problems with stereo mode on my laptop with the Nvidia 3D shutter glasses system; Until the latest patch.

With the latest patch the 3D stereo seems to be going in and out of 3D mode as well as occasionally it looks like it is changing perspective. I have less problems during play and usually only at the beginning of a game, but it really gets messed up in campaign mode in the Cantina on the starship.

No other 3D application is having this problem and as far as I can tell all my hardware has the latest drivers.

Any suggestions, short of disabling 3D mode completely would be appreciated.
Me too, help!
I'm having the same issues. It seems as though the character models flicker away while the back ground remains during cut scenes in addition to the stereo 3D cutting in and out during missions. Screen also jumps around while navigating around the Hyperion. And of course this is only taking place on Campaign, multi-player has no trouble at all.

I've also noticed that Starcraft also as trouble when I attempt to disable 3D with the Ctrl+T keystroke. Stereo 3D disables for a fraction of a second and then comes back, making it a pain if I want to show my screen to someone who isn't wearing 3D glasses.

I'm running a nVidia GTX 670 with an ASUS VG278HR monitor with Vision 2 glasses. Please Help!

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