Starcraft 2 not working on windows 8

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It also tells me that there is an internal error
Did that method work for you KingLucifer? The one Vapor recommended? I'm curious. Thank you :)
I ran Starcraft II.exe in compatbility mode for windows XP. deleted everything in updates folder and ran as admin. worked for me on windows 8 i hope it works for you guys.
yeah the installer actually crashes for me in windows 8. I cannot even get the game fully installed. But when it gets to the "playable" state during the download, I AM able to play just fine. But if I try to complete the download the installer crashes.

It's a custom built machine on windows 8 It's very strange. I'm hoping HoTS does not have this issue.
try running cmd.exe as admin
and typing

sfc /scannow

in the cmd prompt
I have a problem too with SC it looks like someone took a magnet to the game....just looks horrible this happened after I updated with windows 8(8.1) can anybody help?!
Tlaloc, let's check out your video card and drivers, and as well as some other computer specs with the Direct X Diagnostic Tool (dxdiag):

After you've created the dxdiag report file, open it up, and copy and paste everything, except after this section:
DirectShow Filters

After you paste everything into a post, highlight everything, and hit the "pre" button (It says "Code Blocks" when you hover your mouse over it). That'll make the information much more readable.
ok its 2015 and am having issues playing SC2. first there is the problem of the invisible cursor, while the ICON of the cursor is in the bottom left corner. then there is the problem of the game crashing during the first mission of wings of liberty. i have a win 8.1 pc. did all that was suggested on these pages. what else can i do? love he games but a bit pissed off at blizzard. I realize all the hard work, but i would think it would work on the newer OP systems.

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