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*Planning stages and looking for feedback, won't be up until the # of RPs die down. Everything is subject to change.*

Distress signal received...
Psionic matrix stabilizing...
Patching message through...

[An image of a very high ranking Protoss shows up on the screen, his face defiant and unyielding in the face of an unknown enemy. In the background, Protoss crew members look anxious]

"Entaro Tassadar! Know that if you see this, then the Fleet of Ascendant Justice has been [static]. A crisis is at hand and it must be stopped. Head to the desert planet of Zarkam and [static]. The [static, video quality is compromised] must be [static]! [Long static] are here. [static] cannot get their hands on it! [The message goes on for another minute but there is only static]"
The units below are the basic unit templates that you can choose from. You will have 5 points to allocate your points. All units will do one point of damage unless otherwise specified. The stats will come into play for major battles. Assume they are at least equipped with a psi blade of sorts in addition to their main form of weaponry if applicable.

Attributes are used to empower your character. Attributes with a * denotes a trait that has a higher chance of success in the context of a RP.
Strength: +1 to health or +1 to shields for each point spent here
Psionic: +1 to your psionic for every 5 points spent here
*IQ- Increases the your knowledge about machinery and ability to manipulate it
*Mobility- Increases your movement speed slightly and how well you can traverse a terrain

Abilities are not listed but each character starts with 1 ability to customize their unit with. They can be made up as long as they make sense to the unit.

Unit List:
Zealot: Standard Protoss warrior. Equipped with psi blades as their main form of weaponry
10 Health, 5 Shields, 4 IQ, 5 mobility, 3 Psionic
Each blade does 2 points of damage but must be in melee range.

Stalker: Armed with particle disrupters. The powerful legs can bludgeon smaller enemies.
12 health, 3 Shields, 3 IQ, 5.5 Mobility, 2 Psionics

Immortal: Provides vital firing support against armored targets
15 Heath, 10 shields, 2 IQ, 3 mobility, 2 psionic
Each cannon does 3 points of damage to armored targets and 2 to other armor values.

Vindicator: Armed with a purifier cannon that will disintegrate most targets the longer the beam stays on the target.
6 health, 4 shields, 5 IQ, 4 mobility, 3 psionic
1-2-3 damage the longer it is charged. Can overheat

Dark Templar: The Dark Templars command the void and the enemy will never know when their blades strike.
8 Health, 4 Shields, 6 IQ, 6 Mobility, 4 Psionics
5 damage per melee swing.

Paladin- A healer of the Templar class, the Paladin is able to augment or heal their biological allies in battle utilizing their psionic abilities.
4 Health, 4 Shields, 4 IQ, 5 mobility, 6 Psionics

High Templar: Your mastery over psionic power is immense and your presence inspires your brethren in battle. You can fire bolts of psionic energy.
7 Health, 5 IQ, 4 Mobility, 6 Psionics,

Centurion: A subclass of high templars who opted for more training in the art of war rather than study the greater intricacies of psionic energies.
12 Health, 6 Shields, 5 IQ, 7 mobility, 4 Psionic
Each blade does 3 damage.
So it's going to be like Amnesia, yes?
Yep. At least the stats part even though it was not really used.

Hmm...I wonder how interesting it would be if we did a remake of a very successful RP? Or created something to bring back glory into them. A Cloaked Love sounds fun right now.
You have a knack for making very long walls of texts... Okay... here it goes..
It's in the planning stages and things may change but if you want to make a character, then sure?

I am more for newer RPs rather than remaking older ones.
I know, but I do miss some of the older posters that left...
I don't think that'll draw them back just remaking the older RPs.
I know that as well smylez. Sometimes remakes are good, but most of the time, newer is better. But wouldn't you like to see some of the older posters again?
We need to end some of the older RP's I think...
I do but things happen and they are out of our control.
Blinded by rage shouldn't start, it needs to die from birth.

Invasion: Redux also needs to die...
Let's not talk about that, the threads will die when they need to.

Anyway back to the original point of this thread. Is there feedback/comments?
It looks good, and Markus please don't say that. What if we wanted to say the same thing about your RP's?

And if you haven't noticed, Invasion is already dieing. Which means that I'm just going to have to work with what happened in the original for Diethelm.
Oh, okay I understand, my apologies CR and Smylez and anyone else who was offended. I didn't mean it like that I just meant The invasion is already dying unfortunately and the Blinded by Rage hasn't even started yet.

I liked Invasion: Redux and Blinded by Rage, I meant NO offense, just trying to state facts.


My feedback is that it sounds fun, and I like Stat RP's but usually it attracts a certain crowd and begins many flamewars.

The whole "unstoppable force meeting an unmovable object" kinda thing.

A stat based RP will be a nice change of pace for the better.

I hope.
I agree, but abilities can create lots of problems amongst RPers.


Um... For a stat based RP to work, it'll need a system that the players can use themselves, not just relying on the DM.
Isn't that the definition of a stat RP? So you can just look at the stats and know who wins and how much health one has?
Hmm...I'm thinking on starting a Text Adventure? Where you the RPer's influence the story through what you think should be done. Smylez do you think that you could give me some advice on that? I think we would benefit from a Text Adventure.

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