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I think the biggest problem is that a stat based RP needs an element of luck added (like dice), otherwise it just comes down to has the best stats.
Text adventures are fun, but it seems they always die very fast and it brings out the troll in everyone.

Yes, that is true. And without the DM people can't be honest. pff, can you imagine.

"Okay, Roll a six five times in a row and you win, otherwise you die."


Seems that could be easily fixed by assigning multiple DM's and having them roll for each others battles... right?
That's the idea. A D20 roll sounds good enough. An honor system is in place I suppose but I'll think of something to keep things honest.

I can link you to two of the most successful text adventures here. Skim through it and see what works.

You are essentially writing a story with the input of others. What you should do is make clear the choices they have to advance the story. They may be some ambiguous third choice that is not explicitly stated. And yes, you must watch out for the trolls. My first and only successful TA was removed because of them.
Whats a D20 roll?
Mark... I.. Oh forget it...

A D20 is a 20 sided die. (D)(20) D=Die / 20=20sided

I think a D6 system would be better as a lot more people have them.
But wouldn't you agree that it would be an amazing idea? A Text Adventure? Because I was planning on making a story for Veronica "Echo" Chambers. She was in a couple RP's as of late, and Markus should remember her.
It is until your thread gets removed for lewd content...

Yea a 6 roll die makes more sense but there are roll generators in the web.
Good point, I forgot about that. I guess just post a link to a reliable one at the top of each thread and you'd be good to go.
Look man, I managed to get some certain...things into an RP. Mind you that the scene was missing though. But it will stick close to PG-13 as close to possible.
I guess so, good idea Smylex and Warhawk.

@CR: Good idea! Echo is a cool character, you should do it :)

Did you post X-rated materiel or something?
Trolls sugerpops.

A hits you

B defends

A rolls 14

B rolls 18

B successfully defends and attempts to counter! He gains a plus 1 to his roll!

A rolls 19

B rolls a 15+1=16!

A dodges the counter blow and rolls out of the way!

Rinse and repeat.

Looks about right...
10/30/2012 04:24 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
Did you post X-rated materiel or something?
Ergh...Black Screen? It wasn't even noticeable, every terrible action was black screened or missing from the scene.
Sounds good, now just write it out and do a few test runs! :D
Modifiers will be a bit of a snag but I'll limit it to +/- 1 to the next roll.

A: Derpy charges at Herpy with his bat and attempts to swing at his head.

B: Herpy swings his bat to parry the blow.

A: Rolls 5

B: Rolls 20

A: Derpy manages to take off Herpy's tooth with the swing to the head. -1 to health.

B: Herpy staggers backward. He swings again for the legs to immobilize Derpy

A: Derpy tries to move back

A: Rolls 17

B: Rolls 18

B: Derpy's leg is immobilized. -1 to his next roll and -1 to his health.

Well, that's the gist of how it'll work. Still not starting until I fix some kinks. I can imagine the QQ right now.
Yeah, that is a good idea. So is it just whoever rolls a higher number gets the strike in?

It is still alot on the honor system though. One could roll the dice, then reset if they didn't like that number...

Abilities and special effects (bonus damage, critical strikes) work a little differently though in that it is up to the party's discretion to decide on the results. Hmm..
Have a third person roll the die on two screens and just spit the results? Seems cumbersome or I could do it.

Really hope it doesn't come to that and people are honest enough to report the truth.
10/30/2012 04:55 PMPosted by smylez
Have a third person roll the die on two screens and just spit the results? Seems cumbersome or I could do it.

That just produces the same problem. The reason why we are doing this is so that it is not dependent on a DM.

10/30/2012 04:55 PMPosted by smylez
Really hope it doesn't come to that and people are honest enough to report the truth.

Yeah... I dont think anyone here is THAT bad...
I think so too. Anyhow, I'll try to fine tune stuff for tomorrow.
Well, if you get it working, Im in. It looks fun :)

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