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[] indicates transmission of thoughts through the Khala for all to hear.
"" indicates transmission of thoughts from one Protoss to another locally.
Communication through the Khala goes very far so the Protoss can feel where their allies are. It is a form of radar to say the least. However, there are ways to isolate the Protoss from the Khala...

Distress signal received...
Psionic matrix stabilizing...
Patching message through...

[An image of a very high ranking Protoss shows up on the screen, his face defiant and unyielding in the face of an unknown enemy. In the background, Protoss crew members look anxious]

"Entaro Tassadar! Know that if you see this, then the Fleet of Ascendant Justice has been [static]. A crisis is at hand and it must be stopped. Head to the planet desert Zarkam [the video shows the coordinates for Zarkam and then back to the Protoss] and [static]. The [static, video quality is compromised] must be [static]! [Long static] are here. [static] cannot get their hands on it! [The message goes on for another minute but there is only static]"

With the Protoss stretched thin across the sector, the Hierarchy agreed to investigate the matter with a small and elite force within two days of receiving the message. Their unit is known as The Forged and their mission is to piece together whatever it is that has happened to the fleet and find out what is the crisis at hand and stop it.

The planet Zarkam is on the very fringe of the Koprulu Sector in a quadrant that is not explored by either of the races. Space probes sent to the area lose their signals almost immediately for unknown reasons. It appears that messages can only be transmitted with powerful transmitters. As such, a limited number of Psi-link spires have been supplied to the expedition and they must be used with the utmost care.
The Protoss expedition feels presence of a powerful high templar in their mind as he transmits his thoughts to them.

"Entaro Tassadar, I am Exemplar Adan and I will be leading this 125 strong expedition to Zarkam. I trust that you have already received the message detailing what we are doing but if you have any questions, now is the time to do so before we embark."
Standard format. You know the drill. OYou can only be Protoss. You may have up to 3 characters. Upgrades are far and in between and death is very possible. You have only your skills and wits. Thus, all units are given exactly 2 slots for their (custom) abilities that I will deem appropriate for their class.
[Anything else you want to add]

Any Protoss ground unit that is not the archon(s), colossus or reaver. You can do a custom made unit but I'll review it. The list below are enhanced units and you are limited to only one per RPer.

Centurion- These warriors have long completed their duties and training as a Zealot. They have dedicated themselves to continue to improve in the art of war rather than learn the greater intricacies of psionic energies as their high templar brethren. Their power armor are twice as strong as a zealot's armor.

Vindicator- Vindicators are a new addition to the Protoss war machine. They provide heavy, sustained fire power against heavily armored targets. However, they cannot maneuver easily once the weapon is firing. (Minus the hoverboard)

Stalwart: The need to decrease the number of casualties has only increased as the Protoss continue to dwindle. Stalwarts are a new caste of warriors picked from the Zealot caste and trained to mend injuries and wounds through a combination of highly advanced technology and carefully cultivated psionic powers.

Exemplar- A civilian title of very high standing, they are Protoss High Templars whose mastery of the psionic are considered to be legendary. Those who attained the rank of "Exemplar" are few and they are known to be sages and scholars.
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