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There is trouble on a distant planet in the Korpulu sector. A group of thirty-one rouge spectres has been tracked down by the Dominion to their base on the planet Conscientia which is Latin for “conscious” or “knowledge”. That is an appropriate name for the group of spectres that collects knowledge. Unable to flee the planet in time, the spectres have called from aid from various mercenaries. Their contacts include freed zerg broods, free roaming protoss fleets, and lost or rebellious terran forces. The vast knowledge that the spectres have gained from each of the races is vast indeed. None of the mercenaries could hope to find that kind of information by themselves. That is the price for their loyalty and service. The mercenaries are paid with technology. That is the deal.

Three options are given to the role players. You are allowed access to the spectres. You may take a spectre and make him or her your own character, but the rules are many. No spectre would betray the group despite the differences they may have. The group is like a fraternity in that regard. You can be Dominion forces. If you decide to take up the red flag you will receive 250 supply and given command of a company. You will have a superior and you must follow his orders, but only for the big stuff. You control your group by yourself unless you are given orders to the contrary. You will have ordinary technology as the Dominion. The last choice, and the most dynamic, is the mercenary group. Not only can you be any of the three races, you will be given access to a variety of interesting technology provided by the spectres. The technology will start at the basic level, affecting only tier one units. Then as time goes on, you are allowed to pick from a list of technology to develop upon until the end of the RP. The only downside of the mercenaries is that you will have only 200 supply and they will be outnumbered at least 4:5. Neither side can make or produce more units, so be careful. Pick your favorite. Be prepared to set up a description for any group or person you want in case I need you to switch over to balance the sides.

Hero characters will play a big part in the plot. I, myself, may have as many as thirteen characters. Make sure to make a description of your hero character. The character will be either a spectre in my group, a commander of a Dominion company, or a commander of a mercenary group. They shouldn’t be a one man army that can kill a thousand men by him or herself. We have to be reasonable. They can be genetically altered like my character Daniel Cobb who was powers similar to the characters in the Prototype videogame series, but they have to balance out somewhat. As long as your commander stills alive, you are still in the RP even if your forces are destroyed. You can make other characters besides your commander of course. Please note that every mercenary commander will be assigned a spectre supervisor. If your hero IS one of the spectres, then you may supervise a mercenary group as well. The Dominion does allow psionics to be commanders from time to time, but they control special operations usually. If you take a Dominion psionic, then you will be a black operation commander and will be given a company as usual. Choose your heroes carefully.

The setting and plot is the final point here. The battles take place on the planet Conscientia in the far reaches of the Korpulu sector. The planet is Earth-like and is 70% ocean. The gravity is slightly higher than Earth however. Similar to the darwven grand city in the Inheritance Cycle, the spectre base is located on a mountain overlooking a forest covered valley below. The entrance to the valley is narrow, but that is less of a problem because of drop ships. The valley is 3 miles long (about 5 kilometers) and a mile wide (1.66 kilometers). There is a plateau large enough to hold all the mercenary factions at the base of the mountain. Vast tunnels snake inside the mountain. Here the spectres’ have built their den. Here is where the magic and the information are stored. No one from the Dominion is allowed to take one step inside. This is where the final line is drawn. Ladies and gentlemen prepare for a fight as you are immediately thrown into combat.

As the battle looms, both sides plan for the battle and there will be bloodshed. Choose your side and pick your commanders. If you are a mercenary, then the longer your side survives, the better you will fare. You will gain technology as time goes on. If you are Dominion, the harder it will be for you to win as time goes on. Plan carefully, attack the weak spots, send your spies, coordinate your movements, and, most importantly, survive. Choose your hero well and prepare yourself for assassination attempts. Lock your windows and doors. Be vigilant. The line has been drawn and here the battle will be held. Prepare yourselves and do not let your guard down. It is up to you to do your job. Good luck, commanders.
I'll be a Dominion Commander.

Name: Resnov Rumph
Rank: Commander in the Dominion Marines core.
Description: Dark, and beginning to grey hair, that is combed back, and reaches the mid neck. Same colored full beard, but not a long one. Dark brown eyes. Tall and strong.
Equipment: Typical standard issue stuff, and a single BattleCruiser.
Mission: Capture, and kill if necessary, the specters.
Second in command: Gander Bell, tallish, brow hair and eyes, clean shaven.
Character description: Resnov is a little weird, he takes no time explaining himself, except to his superiors, he thinks quick, and shoots good. He has a passion for grenades, and always gets a chance to use them.

(No signup format, so I used the typical.)

I've decided to continue/finish my projects, after this RP.
11/01/2012 06:06 AMPosted by Duke
(No signup format, so I used the typical.)

Typical is fine.

"(Enter Captain Michaelson, another throwaway.)"

How wrong I was... Welcome back Michaelson. Starting on The Crash Part 5 on post 152. Michaelson was an arrogant !@# who became a father to his men as the RP went on. He was used in a bait and switch maneuver with a hastily resocialized Lucas Gerald, his communications officer, to lure the hapless heroes of the Crash into a trap. At first he seemed okay with it, then he showed grief over the incident.

Post 463 for his most recent post.

Your superior is (your marines, he's navy, however):

-Name: Admiral Michaelson.
-Rank: Rear Admiral (Two Stars)
-Description: Tall black man with short black curls. He holds himself in high esteem, but as of late, he has mellowed out. He is still highly disturbed by the events of the Crash which is what the Dominion is taking revenge for here. After the mutiny, only the battlecruiser, the Mephistopheles, survived and lived to see another day. The traitors were killed and Richardson was brought into custody. In spite of Michaelson's defense of Richardson, it was obvious that Richardson had fled his command. Richardson was court marshaled and sentenced to ten years after which he will be dishonorably discharged. Michaelson, the third or forth in command now leads the Remnants of the ill-fated fleet from the crash. A mix of seven battlecruisers lay within, at least those that didn't betray the cause. Still grieving over Lucas' capture and Daniel's arrest, he goes to Conscientia somberly. His conscience will take another devastating blow as he meets his own comrades face him once again.
-Other Officers: Officer Lopez, Officer Williams, Staff Sergeant Wilkens, and Bridge Captain Julius.

That's one of a possible thirteen characters. Michaelson's superior(s) will most likely be Zarkun's character(s) coming up. We'll see.
Name: Gregory Ravanov
Rank: Admiral
Description: Tall Caucasian man with short straight brown hair. Worked long and hard for his position in the Military and it payed off fifteen years ago. Now he leads the fleet that is attempting to capture or eliminate the Spectres who have take refuge on Conscientia, and he will not be stopped.
-Name: Elder Joseph
-Rank: Leader of the spectres
-Description: The Elder is... the elder. Mid-height Caucasian male with wrinkled skin and some liver spots. He is tough for his age. His psi-index is 9, the second highest in the group. He wears brown robes with his hood down at all time. He always wears his spectre suit underneath the cloak, however. He is wise and the main leader of the group. He is a mentor, a teacher, and a great influence on most people he meets. He is one of the first spectres. He is very concerned with the fate of humanity and of the universe. He tries his best to save everyone he can, but he is no fool. He knows his group is small and therefore he tries to increase membership and keep his men alive. The group is numbered at 41 (Jeff being the 41st). He is very much Sarah's foil. He is calmer and more trusting, but he is still very cautious. He balances out Sarah's anger which is one reason people think there is something more between them. Whether it's a father/daughter relationship or something else is only known to them. He is trying to find some way to become immortal, but no one knows why, besides him. Is he afraid of death or is he hiding something? Not even I know yet.

OOC: I copied that from the crash except for the beginning. I post this when I went through a stint where I was obsessed with keeping track of my characters and their personalities. I didn't realized I had 41 and not 31. We'll keep 32 (I forgot another guy I had in the Crash) for now, but only 9 are named.
Post 127

EDIT: While searching for my character descriptions and my RP idea from Zanon's RP bar Part 6, yes I had this idea that long ago, I found this:

It's a website that leads to a program someone administrator made that makes Protoss names.
Why not just nuke the planet to ashes if the specters are on a kill list? The Dominion is very fond of doing that.

1st Lt. Grayson
One of the elite ghosts of the Dominion and personally handpicked to by Mengsk himself to be his bodyguard, she was sent to assist the Dominion commander in his mission to defeat the rogue specters. She is currently an 8 at the psi index although there are rumors in the ghost corps that her powers may be higher. They are only rumors though.
11/01/2012 10:17 AMPosted by smylez
Why not just nuke the planet to ashes if the specters are on a kill list? The Dominion is very fond of doing that.

One: that would ruin the story. Two: the spectres are too deep in the mountain. Three: half the Dominion is probably at Char right now. Four: the Dominion want they captured alive or at least recover the vast knowledge that the spectres have stolen from them. Many, many facilities were destroyed by these spectres and a lot of vital data was fragmented and stolen before it could sent out to the proper channels. Security protocols and all that.

Also, they is a bar and school on the grounds. The spectres need to drink and they have a training center for ghost recruits and psionics in the process of becoming spectres. It's a small city down there. Five: They want the psionics for experiments and for their ghost program. There are at least a hundred people in that town and that doesn't include the spectres.

Taking a spec ops company smylez? I'll need you to.
Might want to add that to the OP regarding why they are chasing the specters. It's implied but not everyone reads between the lines.

Am I assigned the spec ops unit or do I make it?

Name: Rave "The Shadow" Mallard
Race: Terran
Sub-Species/Unit: Spectre
Height: 6'2"
Characteristics: Quiet, calm reasonable person. Tends to keep his helmet on even on break. Thin and Muscular build.
Abilities: Psionic Lash, Hypersonic Pulse, Cloak, Ability to suppress psionic signature, unique ability among Spectres, he calls it Blast pulse. Kills anything 5 feet in front of it and repels everything outside of 5 feet.
Equipment: Prototype AGR-77 Gauss Rifle, Scythe Combat Pistol, Spectre MK. III Combat/Survival Suit equipped with hidden punch knives, saber claws, thermal and night vision, and emergency medical supplies, and a katana.
Backstory: Rave enlisted with the Dominion as soon as he turned 18. Almost immediately his psionic abilities were discovered by a ghost visiting his training center and he was slotted to become a ghost. He served as a ghost for 2 years, earning the nickname "The Shadow" during this time. Near the end of his second year as a ghost, Project Shadowblade was initiated and he became one of the early Spectres. He was one of the first Spectres targeted for capture when the program was shut down but was never found. For that reason, they killed his family hoping to draw him out. He killed the ghosts responsible, but was never actually seen. He remained anonymous until Tosh joined up with Raynor's Raiders. Rave quickly followed suit and has been a major asset to the Raiders since.

Combat appearance: Middle one with the visor closed.

Jake Hunter

Terran, Armor is painted red and blue, with the Jolly Rodger painted on both shoulders and a wolf on the visor, armor is also slimmed down to allow for extra mobility and movement range and has a small cannon on one shoulder. 6’ even, sun-tanned skin, skinny, but muscular, dark, almost black, hair, hazel eyes. Has a scar on his right eye from engaging a Hydralisk in hand-to-hand combat.

Calm and friendly, loves playing a game of cards. Loves making new friends, but his time since surviving the Outbreak has made him more cautious of enemies and more protective of friends and squad mates. Uses an Assault Plasma Rifle, Twin short swords that look like large trench knives, and a Scythe Pistol. Armor is outfitted to detect psionics, meaning cloaked foes are no longer a threat. Also has infrared and magnetic modes for his visor.

Initially enlisted with the Confederacy for benefits and assigned his own assault unit known as Sparta‘s Ghosts. Gained his nickname Slasher for his combat skills with blades. They were deployed to a derelict mining ship to rescue any survivors, and it was here he first encountered the Zerg. He was the only surviving member of his unit by the time he’d rallied the survivors together. Escaping to the frozen planet below, he and the other survivors fought off the Zerg until the enigmatic Protoss saved them. In the ensuing evacuation, he engaged a Hydralisk in CQC, and earned a scar for his victory. He vanished after escaping the planet, then resurfaced to become a security guard at New Folsom while helping the Raiders. Once that was done, he vanished again, planet hopping to avoid getting caught by the Dominion for helping with the breakout in New Folsom.
Perhaps you are right.

The spectres were once part of Tosh's group, but they didn't share the same goals as Tosh, though they respected and admired him. They wanted to collect knowledge. They started with ethical experimentation, but, as new members joined, they realized that much of the knowledge they seeked was in the Dominion. Many unethical and horrifying experiments are carried out in the Dominion every day and the spectres wanted to stop it as much as they wanted to take the knowledge and use it for good instead. They found zerg and protoss experiments. They used Sarah's connection with Lio Travski (Starcraft wiki) to help teach Sarah how to hack protoss and even Xel'naga technology. They destroyed many, many Dominion research bases.

The Dominion wants revenge. This is their second attempt at recovering the stolen data tapes (Star Wars). They want as many psionics alive as they can get. They want information and new recruits for their horrible mind-washing. Then they will put the "recruits" in the ghost program and kill the ones that can't be tamed.

11/01/2012 10:37 AMPosted by smylez
Am I assigned the spec ops unit or do I make it?

You make it. You have 250 supply. Do not, I repeat, do not try to go all battlecruisers. That's OP and unbalanced. You want a good mix of units and you sure be rewards ordinary upgrades as time goes on. Armor boosts, research, and weapons boosts. All stuff you can get in the multiply servers. The mercenaries get extra special boosts as time goes on which is why you get 250 supply.
11/01/2012 10:48 AMPosted by Thecommander
Do not, I repeat, do not try to go all battlecruisers.



Fine, all I need are 250/250 fully upgraded marines. LOLOLLOLOLOL!

No? Then 250/250 supply of ghosts sounds fair. PEW PEW PEW! KEKEKEKEKE!

MASS WARHOUNDS!!?@!@#!@?#!@!?!!!!

Ok seriously:
1st Lt. Grayson (0)
20 ghosts (40)
20 reapers (40)
10 Ravens (20)
25 hellions (50)
20 banshees (60)
20 widow mines (40)
I'm not going to lie TC, this is the only story-line I have ever found more captivating then my own :P

Not sure how you're going to pull it off though, it seems like PvP can get... firey...

Can I have a merc group and a dominion company?
May I please use the Aquila et Umbram? This would be a good way to flesh them out, while also showing who "The Mother" is. And I'll weaken them for RP sakes and of course, they would list under a Merc for this particular RP.

"The Mother" will be sending out a company of their private army along with a commander at promises of this tech.

But they still wont give you the name of their group, so they'll give the Spectre's a codename instead.
Here is mine. Yes, I know. This is not a true character, but this is the collective.

Name: Vaxarus Collective
Faction: Vaxarus
Unit: None
Equipment: All units.
Abilities: None
Background: A race of machines created by an unknown race. Sightings of them have been few-and-far between, but those who have fought them are thankful that they are not seen often. They are an extremely hard-hitting race, deploying several high-tech weapons and multiple specialist units. The biggest of these machines are massive war-machines, capable of destroying fleets and leveling cities.

200 supply? Uh, might be a problem with me, but I can do it.
Volter, 20 (20 supply)
Amplifier, 20 (20 supply)
Vector, 10 (20 supply)
Hertz, 5 (15 supply)

Saral, 20 (20 supply)
Field Invertor, 5 (10 Supply)
Varmus, 10 (20 supply)
Zakel, 3 (15 supply)

Hades, 10 (10 supply)
Tarval, 5 (10 supply)
Zavul, 5 (10 supply)
Defival, 5 (10 supply)
Kevtul, 5 (15 supply)

Offensive Platform, 1 (10 supply)
Intelligence-Observation platform, 1 (5 supply)
lol. OP much?
Markus, you refering to mine? Don't see how it is OP. None of them have the Essential Character tag.
You have a race of robots that can anniallate all of us put together XD
How long after the Crash does this take place?
It's after the Invasion, whichever thread you choose, they're both set on the same time.

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