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OOC: Summary please??

OOC: Go back to your post and answer my question underneath it.
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OOC: When I said cut through steel, I didn't mean to be able to cut through layers of it (sorry if I didn't clarify). He's able to use it to pierce marine armor at places such as the joints, but if he hits the most armored spots, he'll only be able to cut about in about half an inch deep.


Boreli turned around to Jesse. "Were already prepared for an attack, and those foxholes will be the real kicker against any ground force that travel over them..."
He was deep in thought and decided that he could check on information while relaying it to the troops that were defending so they would have a better chance. "May I go back to the town? My division of troops are prepared at the slightest moment."

Jesse: "I'll have to take control of your unit. Inform you men and tell them to be prepared to follow my every order. I need this line to stay on its toes."
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Rave nods and moves on, helping Jake look for Joseph. Part of their contract was to act as his eyes and ears when they weren't fighting, and he was gonna want to know about that incident.

I look at Flemming. "I know... I still have a lot of work to do on myself when it comes to things like that. We'd better get to work unless we want Sarah back down here yelling at us." I set my pack down and grab the bundled canvas that has most of my tools in.
"Now where do you want me to start?"

John: "There. They is some kind of energy leak in the system. Perhaps its faulty wires, perhaps it's faulty equipment. I don't know."

Lucas: "You two follow me. The Elder should be-" I step out the door and run right into something. "What the- OH! Sorry, Jeoseph."

Elder: "It's okay Lucas. Looks like our sister has returned." I walk through the door and walk up to Jessica. I give her a big hug. "It's good to see you my child."
Boreli nods and he sent out a electronic note to each troop, giving them the orders to follow Jesse. "Call me if you need any help, I'll come as fast as I can."
"It is good to be back Elder." I return the hug. "I'd better get to work Elder especially if we want this place running full capacity soon."

I turn to face the spot that Fleming had indicated and start taking apart one of the panels.
Jake walks up. "Joseph, are there any tensions you didn't tell us about?"
@Thecommander: Locusts are creatures spawned by the swarm host. locusts are ranged and about as tough as roaches.

IC: The cocoons surrounding the captured Marines started to move and kick and the now Infested Marines cut themselves out. The five Infested walked up to me. " killl!!!!" the lead one said. I smiled and said "You 5 shall be of great service." I send an Overlord to each of my allies bases to contact each of them.
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Infested Marines

OOC: Old school explosive or new school shooters?

IC: Henry: "Ugh. I can you have interesting taste. Try that with our allies and we'll have a problem."
Jesse: "Okay. Good luck."
Elder: "Good girl. You make me proud. Now my good man. Jake is it? What seems to be the problem? As you can see we are in a tight situation and I have work to do." I notice Lucas and John getting to work on the more basic repairs of the engine and I smile. It's good to have such good workers.
I start to take the inner workings of the panel apart removing lose parts and damaged wires and use my mechnopathy to maneuvering parts around that I cannot reach with my hands.
"We came in to Jessica and the hotheaded one, Sarah I think, in each others faces." Rave approaches.

"Are there prior grievances between them? It would be good to know so we can help keep an eye on things."
Elder: "They do that, but let's not waste time, gentlemen. Sarah loves all her brothers and sisters." I look back at Jessica, making sure she is out of earshot. "To tell the truth, boys, Sarah deeply cares about Jessica. There is a possibility they went through similar experiences in the past. Sarah, when she was ten, was sexually assaulted by her father. We think Jessica went through something similar. It's just that their personalities clash and neither are really that good with people, but enough of this heavy subject. Please, tell me what you came to tell me. We have work to do."

Lucas: "Do you see the problem, Jess?"

John: "Getting friendly Luci?"

Lucas: "You working, Johny?"

Elder: "Boys, please don't quarrel."

John/Lucas: "Sorry."
"They've established a base, as I'm sure Jeff told you, but we also think they managed to have one of their guys infiltrate during the blackout." Rave was already considering scanning minds. Jake was just doing his job.
"Yes it looks like a few parts were damaged by the EMP and from something else did more damage before that. Some of the wires were also damaged and fraying. Shouldn't be long before I finish with this panel." I start placing the new wires into place before continuing on to the damaged parts. I have a few of the parts disassembled in a few moments to piece them back together making 'newer' parts that functioned better.
Elder: "I know someone has. I sensed a new mind enter the compound, but I don't know where he or she is."

Lucas: "Good, good."
I insert the parts back into the panel leaving two parts missing.
"Lucas do we have a spare relay and transmitter?"
Lucas: "You can check the cabinet over there." I get back to work.
I head over to the cabinet and begin looking for the parts I need. I manage to find the relay and the spare parts for a transmitter. I take the spare parts and the relay before returning to the panel. I place the relay into its spot and go through the parts that I pulled and start to assemble a transmitter.
John: "How long do you think it'll take you to finish." The lights above us start to flicker on and off. They stay dim.

Lucas: "Oh good, power is coming back. We should finish this quickly to restore full power."
OOC:These ones are explosive :D

IC: The Overlords arrive at each of my allies bases they try to contact the highest in command stating it is urgent news and that each military commander must meet at my base.

I look at Henry and reply "Zerg do not have as you Terrans say "taste" I will not infest your allies unless their is no other way to save them. I personally think you Terrans should realize the honor of escaping your flawed lives and do service to the Swarm."
"Just a few more minutes. I have to piece together this transmitter." I continue my work on the transmitter finishing it in a few minutes and put it into place then replace the panel. "There that is done."
Henry: My fear escapes me at those words. "You better keep that opinion to yourself. We'll have none of it. Jeff and John already have changeling powers. They will live forever. If want the powers of the zerg we will get it from them. We like our freedom."
A panel on the opposite wall starts sparking. It starts smoking.
I sigh and head over to that panel and disconnect it from the power. I was glad I was wearing my gloves that prevented my from getting shocked real bad. I open the panel and start to take it apart to find the problem.

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