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I didn't bring any superweapon units, so there is still hope for someone to survive.
lol, just prepare to be nerfed/denied
I'm expecting it.
Not likely as he did play it fair. I don't even have a small army. I have an army of T.W.O
Can we use campaign units? Pleeeeeeease

I love the vulture... and the goliath...

Plus it would make sense if we could use merc units from the campaign... and the diamondback.. hmm... I love the campaign...
I'm pretty sure you can use them
I hope so:)))
All units are available, not just custom. Did you not see smylez's post?
Not just custom? So... Okay, I got this...

I want to be a merc group AND a dominion company :(

Sadly, I understand if I cant.
You could. I'm only both to help TC out. Rave and Jake are Mercs, though ironically, Rave's a spectre.
Oh, forgot to say (Assumed). I am Merc
lol, that is kinda Ironic. Okie Dokie, I'll post my armies and then I'm off to finish my studies.
Zarkun that doesn't tell me much. I'll wait for TC to give the response to my question.
Ok, the Crash was I think...a few years before The Invasion. I do believe this one is like, 5 or six years after Invasion.
No, this takes place around the time of The Invasion (I'm assuming it's The Invasion: Redux) as the thecommander states:

11/01/2012 10:35 AMPosted by Thecommander
half the Dominion is probably at Char right now.

I doubt Jester's faction will be accepted as this is rather strict on SC lore.
Possibly, we'll see.
Hmm, which means that mine will probably not be accepted either, not like it matters since I don't have anything.
Mercs are only allowed 200. It's in the OP. And all dominion units report to Admiral Ravanov, aka, me.

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