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Joeyray's Bar
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John: "Damn it! That's the third time that panel's done that this month!"
"What was it the past few times?" I pull out damaged parts and wires from the panel. There were several parts that were damaged beyond repair.
John: "What do you mean? It just does that. For whatever reason."
"It doesn't just do it. There has to be something wrong with it for it to do that. Could be power surge that isn't being dispersed correctly or another malfunctioning part." I pull out more damaged wires from the panel.
"We can always search it out. Between my mind checks and Jake's people skills, it shouldn't take too long to find them."
John: "Well, I haven't been able to figure it out."

Elder: "Good, good. Your comms should be working now. Keep me informed."
OOC: I'm sorta lost. Who's my superior and what do I do?
"Just give me a little while and I'll figure it out Flemming. Once I am done you shouldn't have to worry about this panel anymore." I keep going through the panel removing broken parts and damaged wires.
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OOC: I'm sorta lost. Who's my superior and what do I do?

OOC: Zarkun and I and attack the base. CR, Mecha, and I have mercs.

IC: John: "I'm counting on you."
I look over the now bare panel and take note the damage that was around the wire ports.
"Looks like the electricity here hasn't been regulated properly. We are lucky it didn't start a fire or explode." I start on the necessary repairs for the panel. "This is going to take awhile to fix and keep from happening again just so you know."
John: "Lucas, how's it going on your end?"

Lucas: "Good. Replacing wires."
I replace several couplings and ports for wires and the parts that go into the panel and then go on to rewiring the panel so surges won't damage anything else the next time as well as making it easier to work with. I turn now to face the damaged parts that were before me and start to work on those.
"Yes, sir." Jake and Rave vanish into the complex, talking to various people they met.
Elder: "I'm heading back to the command room. Keep me informed everyone."

John: "Yes sir."

Lucas: "Got it."
"Jake, Rave. What's going on? Is power restored? Over."
Boreli turned back towards Jesse before he left. "Have fun..." With that he turned away and began his slow walk towards the town.
{It is. Bastards used an old EMP missile to let someone in. We're looking for him now.}
"We could see it from up here. Those things are rare and yet they didn't attack us. Why? Over."

Daniel: "They could have sneaked in stealth agents. Be careful in there."
{Rave thinks that someone is out to kill the contact between you and the Mercs. Keeps you from getting additional forces when and if needed.} Jake kept conversing, watching for something betraying that things he was asking about were made up or unknown. Rave scanned their minds, watching for blocks or something else.
"Why would that be their target of all people?"

Daniel: "The contact is our weakest link right now. You two, go to the bar. No one is in the town besides a few stragglers or runners. It will be easy to find someone there."
{Roger. And they'd go after them to cut help for us.} Rave and Jake quickly shift the direction of their walk and head for the bar, grabbing seats in a corner.

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