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I hear Henry talking about getting me a radio transmitter and I hiss in exasperation "AAaarrgghh im going to have to communicate using one of your flimsy Terran gadgets, what a disgrace especially since I have a better way to communicate.
OOC: You want me to bring you in or do you want to bring yourself in KO?

IC: Henry: "Your 'better way' doesn't seem to working out."
I look at him and sharply reply "The Overlords were just to bring the Terrans here were we could establish more permanant means of communication!!"
You can bring me in. THe creative juices of my mind are depleted.
OOC: Mick will be a new recruit. He is an apprentice like spectre as of now.

IC: Sarah: "HEY NEWBIE! Get over here! You have a job to do."
IC: "Aye, ma'am. What's up?"
I find the parts I need and place them in the panel as well as any replacement parts that I had forgotten. I then place the panel cover back and make sure it is secure.
"Well that one is done. What's next?"
Sarah: "I need you to take this headset and bring it to the leader of the zerg brood. What are you waiting for? Take it and go."
Lucas: "That's it for now. We are manufacturing some new devices though."
An ordinary looking boy who appeared to stop aging at the age of seventeen. The soldiers under his command seem to fear him however. There are rumors surrounding him of a sword emerging from his body, and utter ruthlessness to scientist that run experiments on humans.

2 medivacs(4 supply)
2 ghosts (4)
62 Vikings.(124)
20 ravens(40)
6 battle cruisers(36 supply)

BCs are 6 supplies right?

Tier one upgrade? -Infantry armor.
SCVs are a given Fantasy, so you can trade for something else.
Science vessels? Can I please have them?
If not, then a few more Vikings/ one more BC.
Science vessels should be fine, but I'll wait on TC.
OOC: You also get a technology upgrade.

1. Upgrade a tier one unit (SCV, marine, medic, marauder, firebat, or reaper) to a mercenary class or a custom unit of equal value.
2. Vanadium plating gives 5% more life per upgraded armor. This is a good combo with using your upgrade on you armor in the first round.
3. Ultra Capacitors gives 5% more firing speed per upgrade weapon. This is a good combo with using your upgrade on your weapons in the first round.
4: Shrike turret, a turret mounted onto your bunkers you can move units around while the bunkers defend your base.
5. Fortified bunker. Good for keeping your supply of SCV's low.
6. Compound drugs. A new drug has been developed that lessens the effects of stims, so that more can be used at once. Stims last longer but at the price of some of the user's life span.
7. Injection systems. Marauders, firebats, ghost, spectres, and reapers get access to stims. The down side is that you need more medics or mediavacs in your army. Reapers movement speed is not affected by stims since they use jetpacks to move around.


Here is a basic map. Excuse it if it is... umm, cluttered. It's a work in process.

M=Where Mountain starts
Underscore(_)=Indicates the mountain continues.
B=Bunkers or Spine Crawlers. Maybe with trenches.
T=Turrets or Spore Crawlers.
V=Destroyed Buildings
Periods(.)=Open Space.
Underlined sections=Indicate where one mercenary force stops and where the next one starts.

From top to bottom: 323, Lt. Dan, Boreli, and Scylla.
"Um... the Zerg are kind of our enemies, right? Meaning I can't just walk in the front door?"
If you're spectre, you can walk around them. The Zerg are mercs.
The Zerg are our allies? Oh well, I'll just have Sarah tell me that. It's a mistake most people would make realistically.
Where is Nait at!
11/14/2012 01:44 PMPosted by KnarledOne
"Um... the Zerg are kind of our enemies, right? Meaning I can't just walk in the front door?"

IC: Sarah: "Well too bad, newbie! This group is a group of mercs. You will find Henry, he's at the base. Talk to him."

OOC: KO, Mick will be the 41st spectre in the group since I originally had 40 then I added John and Jeff and lost two others.

To Fantasy, 32, or Jacob, is at Lt. Dan's base healing the wounded.
"Oh. Okay, then. This'll be a new experience."

Mick heads out.
Sarah: "Henry. Newbie is coming your way. Over."

Henry: "Newbie? You mean Mick? Over."

Sarah: "Yeah, that guy. He's bringing Scylla's communicator. Over and out."

Henry: "Oh okay..."

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