Conscientia: Planet of Knowledge

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I grumble "How could I use the communicater unless it transmits psionic speach."
OOC: Hehe, I thought you hydralisk could talk...

IC: Henry: "Don't worry, it is an amplifier that transmits brain waves across greater distances. The messages sent from the communicator are encrypted, but our equipment can decrypt it."
*pant pant*

"Sir, Sarah told me to deliver this..."
Vanadium plating then.

323 stood at the bridge of a battlecruiser and stared at a holographic model of several planets.
As he fiddled with it, glossing over many details of the terrain, a messenger ran into the room.
"Commander! We have a new contract!"
323 stood up, "Then we have a job to do. All ships prepare to enter the exosphere."
"Destination sir?"
"The planet of knowledge."
"Is it something specific that we are making?" I keep my attention on Lucas for the moment.
Henry: "Mick. Jeez, man, you got here quick. Take a breather why don't you?" I walk over to Scylla. "Here, this is for you. You'll have to adjust it. We don't really have anything that fits hydralisk, but it'll have to do. You'll have to figure how to turn it on and off..."
Michaelson: "Sir, incoming unidentified flyers!"
Lucas: "We are building a type of point defense drone with a new type of camo that is supposedly undetectable- at least when used on humans. We gave you the plans for them didn't we?"
Ravanov approaches the battle display. "Charge weapons. They do not reach the spectres."
"You might have but I don't remember if you did or not. Anyway sounds a little challenging, you have a lab or somewhere I can work on these at?"
20 siege tanks, 30 Marauders, 10 Medivacs, a Battle Cruiser, 14 wraiths, 46 marines, and 15 Vultures

1st Lt. Grayson (0)
20 ghosts (40)
20 reapers (40)
10 Ravens (20)
25 hellions (50)
20 banshees (60)
20 Special Ops Dropships (can cloak) (40)

OOC: Those are the units that the Dominion has as well as a full upgraded and extra powerful battlecruiser called the Mephistopheles. That doesn't include Naits units since he hasn't made his unit composition yet...

IC: John: "Yeah, just follow me. We emptied out and made supports for a large central cavern and then we brought in a whole bunch of versatile machines from off-world. They weren't cheap, I can tell you that."
"Alright lead on. I am sure I can put those machines to use and might need some help."
John: We enter a large open cavern with ceilings 30 feet tall. Large stone and salt pillars support the ceiling. Machines clatter the large chamber and a constant drumming rolls from the mouths of the machines. Many of the civilians from the town are being directed to their emergency work stations. I see my parents head towards their machine and I wave happily. They smile in return and join the crowd again. The engineers and teachers are examining documents on the nearby table.
I follow John and examine the cavern and the machines. "So where will I be working at?"
John: "Well, you can help the engineers, you can replace the punch presses, you can repair the sixth engine there, or you can program in the specifications for the new turret design."
"I'll start with the engine. Sounds like we might need that more." I start to head towards the engine that need repaired.
Commander Jordan
-Graduated from the best Dominion military school with honors. He is skilled in aerial attacks and formations. Arrives with 5 battlecruisers from the other half of the Dominion fleet.

5 battlecrusier
*The units below are in the battecrusier's hanger bays in addition to the crew members on deck*
70 vikings
20 banshees
10 Ravens
Is that in the 250 limit?
John: "That mean we are replacing the punch presses."

Edit: 5 BC's = 30
10 Ravens = 20
20 Banshees = 60
70 Vikings = 140

That's 250. Weird composition, but okay.
Damn SC2 is still messed up. It wont display the time limit until next post. At least it won't count it down. It doesn't show the bold, italics, and other options. It also won't show who the last person to post in a thread was.
Once I arrive next to the engine I take out the tools I need from the wrapped tool set and begin to take apart the engine. I remove several burned wires and broken parts from the engine as I try to source the problem that caused it to break.

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