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Lucas: "You do realize that we need custom dies right?"

John: "Yeah, the engineers should be making the prototypes now. Go help them or something while I remove these."
I laugh to myself at the two as I keep working on the engine. I start pulling the gaskets off of it now since it looks like it would need to be a total rebuild. I start to make a list of everything I would need to fix the engine and then hand it to Lucas. "There ya go something to do. Make sure those pistol rings aren't warped damaged to big or to small other wise the engine will not work right and possible blow up. Also all the gaskets need to be new, I don't want to chance one of them failing."
Lucas: "Umm, okay?"

John: "Just bring them here and we'll check and see if they're fine."
I laugh again and and run my gloved hand over my left check real quick smearing some oil on my face before returning to taking apart the engine.
John: I remove the first die after an annoying struggle with the device. I throw the broken thing onto the ground and get to work on the next one.
I finish removing the broken parts and drain the engine of what ever oil was left in it and wait for Lucas to return.
Lucas: "Is this what you need?" I hold up some gaskets for Jessica.
"Yep that is some of what I need. Thank you Lucas." I take the gaskets and start to dry fit them to make sure that they are the correct ones.
Lucas: "What else do you need?" I notice one of the engineers talking to John. Seems they have the dies ready.
"Piston rings, timing belt, serpentine belt, oil pump..... I think that might do it." I keep going through the gaskets making sure they fit.
Lucas: "You're kidding."

John: "Get to work Lucas!"

Lucas: "..."
I look up at Lucas giving him a stern look
"If I was kidding you could tell. I'm not exactly the best at things like that anyway Lucas."
Lucas: I just walk away and don't say anything.
I sigh and start working on the engine again this time making sure none of the bolts or nuts were stripped.
John: I finish removing the other two dies and I begin placing the ones into the machine.
I finish going over the nuts and bolts and start to bore the cylinders next.
John: "Lucas, are you almost done?"

Lucas: "Almost got everything we need."
I keep working on the engine cylinders while Lucas gathers the rest of the parts.
OOC: Lucas again. You keep getting the names mixed up.

IC: Lucas: "I think I have everything this time."
I check that parts that Lucas had brought back with him. "Everything seems to be here. I'll let ya know if anything else is needed." I start putting the piston rings on as carefully as I could since I knew that snapping them would result in needing a new set of rings.

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