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Lucas: I walk away without saying anything.
Once the rings where in place and positioned correctly I set the ring compressor around the piston and tighten it so the rings were secure. I apply oil to the cylinders and drop the pistons one at a time into their appropriate cylinder then attach the piston rods to the crank shaft before continuing with the assembly of the engine.
OOC: Wow, you do know engine repair, huh?

IC: John: Lucas and I connect the rest of the dies and move on to the next task.
OOC: Helped rebuild a car engine earlier this year. Buddy did most the work but he did explain the process when I was there and we were working on it.

I get about half way done with the engine repair and I step away from it for a few minutes to look over the work I have done so far. I still needed to lap the valves and then making sure everything is in time so nothing else breaks.
OOC: That is so cool. Btw, where the hell is every body? You all have orders, we can't do everything.

IC: Sarah: "Elder, should I get back to work on the Xel'naga ship?"

Elder: "Of course, my dear. We have a few surprises for the Dominion after all. Activate the beacon and start the ship."
Lucas: "We're done her. We need to move on. The engineers can program this thing."

John: "Right."
Yes, I have orders...but no point in doing anything when I can't do anything.
323's airfleet landed next to the main spectre base. "The mercs you hired are ready for duty."
Ummmm...Fantasy, you have an entire Dominion fleet to get past first.
I start the final process of lapping the valves, making sure no valves were bent, and making sure the engine head wasn't off enough to cause compression issues leading to more problems. It was an irritating process getting the valve springs compressed enough to remove the tops so the springs could also be removed and the valves lapped. I sigh as I start on the first one then move one to the next after replacing the spring and top for the first valve.
John: "Do you need any help, Jessica? We just finished here."
"Sure if you but I am getting close to finishing." I finish lapping the valves and replacing the springs.
John: "Good, good. We really don't have anything else to work on here do we?"
I look up at John with an eyebrow raise. "Is that a bad thing?"
John: "I rather be working. It calms my nerves."
"I know the feeling but we cannot always work, sometimes we just run out of broken things."
John: "True, but there is no shortage of that around here."
"Then we aren't out of work." I return to my work on the engine.
John: "Yeah, yeah."
I let out a short laugh before placing the engine head in place and bolt it down using the torque wrench to ensure it has the correct torque reading for the bolts. Once that was down I start alining the gears into position and place the timing belt on so I could check the timing of the engine.

After a few minutes I was content with how the engine's timing was and I finish assembling the block and add oil to it. "Alright now we need to let it run for a bit to get warmed up and the parts moving. Then we have to let it sit for about twenty-four hours to cool. After that I need to retorque the head bolts and then it should be fine to run."
OOC:Summary plz and is that base Duke setup still their??? (Also shouldnt you have more upgrades now)

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