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{Understood.} Rave looks at Jake, who sighs.

"All this time spent avoiding the Dominion, and now we're facing it head on, everyday." He pulled out a cigar and lit it, moving towards the Dennis' location. Rave snorted.

"We've had worse. Let's just be glad we have a chance at getting out alive here." Grunting an affirmative, they kept quiet, even after reaching the Dennis and entering the war room.
Massive character dump. Skip this if you want.

-Name: Daniel Cobb
-Rank: None.
-Description: Former hot-blooded ladies man. He works for one of the Dominion's best admirals, Ernest Richardson. Daniel was a really smooth talker and he could make anyone listen to reason. He was proud of his job and proud of his Admiral. Plus, he was paid well. He was a real hotshot and would occasionally act like a snob to the locals of the planets the fleet stopped at. The dude got along with everyone and boy did he like his wine sweet, always red of course (it's healthier), and his ladies hot and slim. He seemed to have the life. That is until Officer Gerald Lucas, was sacrificed for the Dominion. Lucas was his best friend.... He was filled with rage and was torn between his Admiral and his friend and he chose the Admiral, but then, something else happened. This time it was his beloved Captain Michaelson. Next thing Daniel knew, he was in jail via a court martial. He was eventually transferred to the facility where his will was broken. Has powers from the Prototype games. Anyone he absorbs in fit into his original volume. He can absorb as many as ten people at the moment. He receives the memory of anyone he absorbs.

-Name:Jeffrey LaTour
-Rank: Initiate.
-Description: Age 19. 6' tall. Skinny with blonde hair and blue eyes. Though he is the strongest of the spectres, he is the newest besides for Fleming. Despite his rank, he is in charge of the others currently on the Dennis. He is based on my personality. He is one of Sarah's lovers. He know pyrokinesis and has changeling powers from Andy. The changeling's powers kept his mind intact during the spectre training. He has a psi-index of 10.

-Name: Lucas Gerald
-Rank: Discord's Employee
-Description: Currently off duty, he came and met the spectres. Lucas was never the most loyal officer in the Dominion. He argued with commands, made his opinion known, and made one too many objections and Richardson had had enough. Richardson ordered Lucas to impersonate Michaelson and Lucas was forced to comply due to a chip that had been hastily imprinted in him. Lucas was freed from the chip by Jeffrey, but he wasn't happy about the ordeal. Lucas was then "hired" by Discord, though he did get an amazing deal. Knowledgeable of Stockholm syndrome and Lima syndrome, Lucas kept himself from becoming overly attached... then he saw the true side of the Dominion. The finally straw was when he finally found Daniel and he saw how he had been experimented on. He swore off the Dominion from then on. Lucas is laid back and a cool leader under pressure. He always does what he thinks is right.

-Name: Henry
-Rank: Initiate
-Description: Jeff's apprentice. First appeared in the troll wars. He adopted 325, or Jacob, as his brother. He is one of Sarah's lovers. He is kind and well-mannered. He is incredibly strong and has great agility. He isn't someone to mess with.

-Name: Jeff's Adjutant
-Rank: Jeff's Adjutant
-Description: In the Troll Wars, the character Jeff and the real Jeff both had adjutants. When the real Jeff was wounded, the character Jeff absorbed him. The two adjutants were later combined into one.

-Name: 325 or Jacob
-Rank: None
-Description: He is a young boy, 16, who was combined with experimental cells that allow him to form a shield with his arm, heal wounds, and break curses. He is well-mannered and kind. He takes after Henry. He has a little bit of an ego.

-Name: John Fleming
-Rank: Initiate
-Description: Also based on my personality, but he is the military man in me. He is distrusting of zerg and protoss. He is a cool headed leader. He did his best to save innocents who were used in experiments on his battlecruiser. He thought he wasn't doing enough to help and his captain had to stop him from committing suicide. He was in the military to pay for college. His family is now in the small town on Conscientia. He late learned to trust Andy, sorta, when Jeff was in trouble and he let Andy give him his powers. He later underwent spectre training and now has a psi-index of 5.
Jeff: "Lucas and John will stay behind and organize the evacuation of the students and civilians. Henry and Jacob will watch the front lines and heal anyone who needs help. Daniel and the newbies will come with me in the Dennis. We'll scare away any hostiles."

Jacob: "Come on, let me come with you. I can tear that army apart myself."

Henry: "Now Jacob, we need you on medic duty, you know that."

Jacob: "But I can fight."

John: "Listen kid, we all have our part to play. Yours is the medic."

Jacob: "John, you're a supply officer."

John: "That's why I'm staying back with Lucas. I will serve better back there."

Daniel: "Oh man, I CAN'T wait to tear it up out there! They don't stand a chance."

Lucas: "That is, if you don't blackout, you drunkard."

Daniel: "Hey man, I'm no drunkard."

Lucas: "Could have fooled me..."

John: "Would you guys get your !@#$ together! They are people counting on us."

Jeff: "John's right. You have your duties. Carry them out."
Rave slams his fist against the wall, catching everyone's attention. "And you all wonder why Jake and I are only an Army of T.W.O. You can't stop arguing for a whole ten seconds about orders. You have them, carry them the f*ck out." Jake looked at Jeff.

"Give us our orders and then we'll leave."
OOC: Jeff's text is normal. Everyone else will have their names indicated.

IC: John: "Seems this !@# is your newbie. Good luck with him."

Henry: "We're going Jacob."

Jacob: "Yes sir."

Daniel: "Go on. Get. You have a job to do."

Lucas: "Don't screw this up."

Daniel: "I'll be fine."

Everyone besides Daniel and I leave.

"Sorry about that. My friends get a little eager. Introduce yourselves and tell me about what you have and what you can do."

Daniel: "And hurry up. I have an army to absorb."

"Daniel, for God's sake, relax and don't send so eager. You sound like a cannibal."

Daniel: "I need the enemy's memories so I can stop this invasion. I just want to keep everyone safe."
"I'm sure you've already read our dossiers. We're the Army of T.W.O. A sort of Spec Ops if you will. I'm Rave Mallard, though I was known as 'The Shadow' during my days as a ghost and then later as the spectre I am now." Jake looks the two over and snorts.

"Jake Hunter, also known as Slasher for my armed CQC skills with blades."
"Yes, I've read them. I want to hear it from you two. What kind of equipment where you provided? We'll be working together on this mission and I need to know if you need access to my armory." Already this isn't going well.
Rave chuckles. "I use prototype gear, all effective." He indicates the katana on his back. "This is for those guys who don't die from bullets. Unless you can name a reason I need something else, I'm good to go." Jake hefts his plasma rifle and indicates the swords on his waist and the grenades on his belt.

"I'm set too."
Daniel: "Impressive, but it doesn't compare to this." I extend my arm and I swing it in the air until it forms into a blade. "Much more an additional of my body you know?" I turn my arm back to normal and grin at them.

"Don't show off Daniel. Please."
Jake chuckles. "I beat zealots, boy, you wouldn't be much of an obstacle. Now, if we can get our orders, we can be of better help." Rave sighs, watching Daniel out of the corner of his eye. The boy was reckless, that much was apparent.
Boreli then got his own gear ready, the fighting would start soon...all of the foxholes were dug out, some of the Firebats hid in them. Missile turrets were operational, clumsy but got the job done efficiently. Bunkers loaded with alternating marines and Marauders. A few medics were stationed inside the foxhole themselves as well.
"Special Operations Lt. Grayson reporting for duty Commander."
11/03/2012 09:08 AMPosted by Zarkun
Ravanov looks over the battle map. "Commander Resnov, you assault the left flank, keep them occupied. Lieutenant Grayson, assault up the middle. Your men are better equipped. Commander Wilson, attack the right flank. You have your orders." He looks over each officer and sighs inwardly. These men had better do their job.

You got your orders already smylez.
I snicker.

Daniel: "Ahahaha! Come on, really?! No one has ever looked at that and said, "huh, no big deal. I like you, you got guts. Hell, if you do well, I may spar you later. I need a challenge."

"Yes, well. Let's worry about that later. We're waiting for the Dominion to attack. I want to see you boys in action when we put you in the middle of the battle. I will simply fly right into combat and give you a test. If you somehow manage to keep up with Daniel, we'll talk. If you die... Well, let's avoid that."

Daniel: "It'll be fun I promise."
Rave shakes his head. "As long as assassination isn't involved. We don't do those jobs anymore." Jake chuckles and leans back.

"Where do you reckon the middle of the battle will be? I'm all for a good fight, but I'm not up for being caught in a crossfire." Inwardly, Jake was laughing. This boy had less experience in combat then even the youngest of zealots. If he could scratch his paint, Jake would give him the credit he felt he deserved.
What's the general layout of the battlefield? No need for a map, just need to know the setting of the area.

20 ghosts (40)
20 reapers (40)
10 Ravens (20)
25 hellions (50)
20 banshees (60)
20 Special Ops Dropships (can cloak) (40)

The ravens came and several point defense drones were in the air just within range of the missile turrets. Immediately afterwards, banshees swooped in and bombarded the missile turrets. They began raining hell on the outlying bunkers and trenches. With the resistance softened up by the banshees and an opening in the enemies defenses, the cloaked special ops drop ships came in behind the enemy lines.

"Lt. Grayson reporting. The infiltration has been successful."

Found it...

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Dan: “Get the marines in the warpig suits. Fill the forward 5 bunkers with firebats and two warpigs. Fill the back 5 with marauders and two warpigs. Put the medivacs and the rest of the warpigs in the middle. Siege up the tanks at the top of the cliff. The rest of you stay back until ordered. GO! Move it!”
Which side am I on? Left, middle, right?
"That's a shame. We may need you for a few of those. You're spectre, that's your job."

"A shame. We are literally dropping into battle. Stay behind me and my mass." I smack my chest. "You'll see why."
{Well, done, Lieutenant, but be careful of the inner defenses. You won't have your air force to support you.} Ravanov smiles and calls for a bottle of champagne. This whole affair could be over in a matter of minutes.


Jake grins behind his visor. "You haven't seen us in combat. You'll be surprised what we can do." Rave glares at Jeff.

"They never paid enough for the additional hassle of cleaning up the other men. Not worth the trouble. When do we start?"

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