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Rave calms down only a small amount. His mind had survived the spectre process, though he didn't know why. He'd never fit in with the others, so he'd remained a lone wolf. It had been the same problem with the ghost program. Jake just nodded. "For your own sake, don't speak without knowledge. Anyone else would have met the business end of a blast pulse."
Jesse: "Your mother?"
Daniel: "And yet you make threats. Last few people who shot me didn't kill me. They rarely do." I smile.

"You're not used to being with people are you Jake?"
11/03/2012 10:09 PMPosted by smylez
So the banshees were recalled after softening the front?

11/03/2012 10:09 PMPosted by Zarkun
OOC: Yes, let's go with that.

By softening the front, key structures were targeted for infiltration which were primarily the missile turrets that detect cloaked unit. They were destroyed by 20 Banshees who were protected by PDD that intercepted missile fire. My post also mentions that the bunkers and trenches were fired upon before the Banshees and Ravens left to resupply whatever it is they needed.

So your front (middle) has no detection.

11/03/2012 10:18 PMPosted by Thecommander
No sneaking in with ghosts for you since you can't even SEE the turrets from the bottom of the cliff

Doesn't mean banshees can't target them. And with your tanks exposed on top of the cliff...
Rave chuckles. "I don't have to shoot you. It's a psionic blast that disintegrates anything within a five foot radius of me. You wouldn't survive." Jake shrugs.

"I planet hopped for a good decade or so, you tell me."

OOC: Keep in mind there's also a story to flesh out.
Zero: "Jeff, we have a problem. Over."

"What is it? Over."

Zero: "We're turrets are gone in the middle of the trenches. Our bunkers are damaged. We have SUV's repairing the bunkers, but..."

"They won't have time to fix the turrets... What attacked us? Over."

Zero: "Banshees. We only managed to take done four of them. Listen, you know what to do right? Over."

"Yes, yes. My ship can detect units. I'll cloak it overhead the center. Over and out. *sigh* We have a new mission boys. !@#$!"

Daniel: "Testy Jeff?"
It's also a war so you attack with full force? I mean, the banshees and ravens were pulled back after the front lines were crippled for resupplying. My standing army is quite small compared to everyone else and is equipped for surgical strikes, not sustained prolong firefights.

You forgot energy cost XD

IC: Rave had already picked up the ghosts minds. "Ghosts." He spat. Jake sighed.

"Can't catch a break with those Dominion @ssholes."
11/03/2012 10:36 PMPosted by smylez

And five bunkers with ten warpigs. Plus a crap load of supporting warpigs in the open right behind the bunkers. Refer to my earlier post, they were already in place. You won't be supplied unless we somehow make it to a second thread so expect heavy losses.
11/03/2012 10:39 PMPosted by smylez
EDIT: Damn double post...

Just edit the post...

IC: The ship flies over the southern bunkers heading towards the middle.
Rave started prepping his rifle and the eyes of his mask turned a light blue color, as did the face of Jake's faceplate. "We going in hot, or silent? We can manage both."
Daniel: "Hot! Don't follow."

"Adjutant! Open the doors!"

Adjutant: "Opening the doors."

The doors slide open.

Daniel: I run towards the door without a parachute and I jump out the latch. Deciding to !@#$ with the newbies I yell out, "GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD!!!!"

"Damn idiot. Haha." I shake my head.

Daniel: I fold my arms to my side and plummet head first towards the ground. I put my information displaying goggles over my eyes.
I'm being slightly sarcastic. Obviously gameplay =/= RP. Ignore the second deleted post. Also, the tank in range of the front bunkers?


A Warpig in the open: Man those banshees were sure annoying but it looks like we drove them off.

Another Warpig in the open: Yea, that didn't seem to be much of an attack but they did destroy our turrets and our bunkers mostly intact. Weird.

A Warpig: Ye- [head is taken off]

Another Warpig: Oh shi- [body plops to the ground]

The ghosts begin to snipe away at the warpigs in the open. Lt. Grayson smiles. Easy picking once the enemy had no detection.

In the chaos ensuing below thanks to the ghosts, reapers leap out of the cloaked dropships that were positioned on top of the five bunkers. They land directly on top of the bunkers using their jetpacks. They take out their bombs...
So a squad of reapers on top of every bunker.

--------------Everything in middle (open) that comes within range of ghosts getting picked off.
Jake and Rave look at each other and grin. "New toy?"

"New toy." The both run at the door, pulling out a small device and throwing it out in front of them as they leap out, land on hover boards. {Give us the coordinates for points of possible insertion points, then possible targets.}
OOC: HAHAHA! I have 50 supply not in use right now and 120 effectively out of battle. Good stuff.

The reapers prime their grenades/mines...
11/03/2012 10:59 PMPosted by smylez
I'm being slightly sarcastic. Obviously gameplay =/= RP. Ignore the second deleted post. Also, the tank in range of the front bunkers?

Like five of them the other five are near the back bunkers.

IC: "You'll be getting the data through your visors."
The marauders and warpigs open up on the reapers. Several are cut down immediately. The battle barely starts when a loud crash is heard nearby. A man lands on his feet a shockwave pushes back several of the warpigs. Two impressions are left by seemly nothing, indicating to the man that there are ghosts there, something that is confirmed by the man's goggles. I forms his arm into a whip and is ready to pounce. He throws it at one of the impressions on the ground, impaling something. He pulls it towards him and holds it above him. The figure decloaks, gasping for breath through the ruin of his throat. Daniel pulls the man into himself. Loud, sick cracks follow the almost instantaneous absorption.

Daniel: "Next."
Rave reaches the ground first, his magnetic vision allowing easy spotting of the ghosts. A shot from his AGR-77 silences a rifle, then another, then another. Many of the ghosts begin looking around for their assailant as he had a perma-cloak effect. Jake landed next, his own visor working similarly and allowing the plasma to cut down anything too out of cover. He quickly became a target, but found cover. "Dominion puppets!" Rave shifted weapons from his rifle to his saber claws, but not before firing an EMP round.

Daniel: Using the whip fist, I throw myself at a nearby reaper. I hit one and pull myself towards him. "I'm going to need to borrow you." I break his helmet off and force my body down his throat, taking him into me in the process. I force myself into the suit and compress his mass into me. I take my new hand and shoot at his nearby buddies who I recognize as Markus, Jennings, Hercule, and Martin.

Zero: "Daniel seems to be in the fray, doesn't he? Over."

"As always. He scares me with he brutality sometimes."

Zero: "At least he doesn't torture them."

"You never know what happens to his food..."

Zero: "They are in there. I've read his mind. They are all talking to him. Giving him info. Telling them of their deaths, but he pacifies them."

"That doesn't help..."
OOC: I'll assume that means they aren't in range of the front bunkers?

The remaining reapers fly off in their jet packs and away from the battle. The bunkers explode spectacularly along with the inhabitants inside and smoke provide some fog of war.

Two EMPs goes off on Daniel and a hail of sniper fire is focused on him. Lt. Grayson clenches her teeth. A powerful psionic user was here. She utilizes her psionic energy to create living flames on Daniel. (He's burning right now)

The 25 hellions comes in through the smog and begin to burn living marines. The fire catches some things on fire.

EDIT: It's <20 ghosts that are spread out.
Daniel: I walk through the smoke and fire. The unconscious bodies of the occupants of the bunker on my back. I lay them done. "I would leave now, before I get pissed." My body is covered head to toe in bug-like armor.

I fly the ship in low and use the four 50 mm autocannons and the 100 mm cannon to fire upon the advancing hellions.

Lt. Dan: "Bring up the vultures. Move in, show them hell!"

Zero: "We have the ghosts on the visors. Jeff's ship revealed them." A cannon blast emphasizes my statement. A pile of ghost gore flies into the air. A poor fool got too far away from our troops and was in perfect position to get hit. The five forward tanks fire 120 mm rounds onto the advancing hellions.

OOC: Daniel is not indestructible, but he gets health as he absorbs people. He WILL go after people with knowledge of the battle and he DOES know who Grayson is from the memories he stole from your guys. I suggest you turn him back or get Grayson far, far away, now.
Grayson is from the memories.

OOC: So EMP, snipe, and the burning didn't do anything to Daniel? Dominion ghosts regularly undergo memory wipes before and after missions. The most you'd get is that a ghost is leading the attack. Grayson is a female by the way.

Seriously, banshees and ravens would kill this composition.

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