Campaign wont work unless on internet

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Ive been having issues with my campaign working.ill try and move one mission to the next mission, and itll let me watch all cinemas before it starts, but as soon as it tries to get into the load screen for the mission, it displays this message"The version of starcraft 2 required to play this game is unavailable."im running a standard version on windows 7 with the latest patch, but its acting almost as if its a beginner account.does this game require a persistent internet connection? anyone know what to do if not?
Same issue here. Adding this page to favorites in order to watch answers...
Greetings Maladus,

We are aware of this issue and we are looking in a fix for it.

Yeah getting the same problem as well. Tried to play starcraft 2 campaign on a road trip to Vegas and it was giving the version error too. Please fix this!!!.
I can play casual mode but hard and brutal I can't. The game craps out and gives an error message, "The version of starcraft 2 required to play this game is unavailable"

When I played this in offline mode when the game was first released I had to come online every 30 days to renew my "offline" mode.

Also, can take a look at the autosaving feature? It locks/hangs my computer.
I can load a saved mission from a campaign, but not start a new one or continue. Once the saved mission is complete I'm kicked back to the main screen with the message "The version of Starcraft 2 required to play this game is unavailable."

Guest modes will not work either. Has this been fixed?
Same problem here, game is completely unplayable now. Was working fine yesterday, but no new missions can be started today.
I'm having the same problem, I just glad it not just me and they are working o the issue

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