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11/05/2012 10:11 AMPosted by Zarkun
/facepalm I like it better when there's some history behind your people.

Can't tell if compliment... or dis...

Either way the reason why I didn't put much character into this character is because I half expect this RP to crash and burn. (no offense Mecha)

Plus, RP's like this always result in everyone dying, so I want to use a character who I can kill :)
................ just put effort into him. So anyways should I start yet or wait for one more person????
Name: Zhar'Kal
Age: 557
Race: Protoss (Nerazim)
Description: Weilds a Warp Scythe and an Ultralisk tusk knife. Wears dark robes with some red on it and is decorated/armored with Zerg bones.
Backstory:Born on Shakurus. Grew up to be a Dark Templar warrior. Has seen a good deal of battle in hos time, (Even fought with Zeratul in the Brood War) He and his tribe are now seeking a Xel'Naga artifact and were on a smaller Shuttle during the previous events and was sucked into the vortex. Only he, 3 probes and a "Stalker" Assault Strider had survived.
Okay Korazin and Zarkie you will land on the huge island chain inthe south

WE ARE STARTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will now start the official RP thread.
Race:Zerg (Zergling).
Description:Tough looking, battle hardened purple and black zergling. He's very tough, but not quite so fast as some Zerglings.
Backstory:Not much is known, he's quiet, but cautious and caring.

Age:5 months.
Race:Zerg (Zergling)
Description:A purple, white, and gold Zergling. She doesn't have any scars, unlike most Zerglings, pretty average everything, and is decently talkative and friendly.
Backstory:Born on the Leviathan, was assigned to the group, and not much more.
Am I accepted?
Name: Stefan "Hawkeye" Alexander
Age: ? 35-45 ? (judging by facial features)
Race: Terran with a zerg and/or protoss DNA infusion
- Equipment: All black highly customized armor, similar to the War Pigs in WoL (0-gee micro thrusters, cloaking field, bio-tech restorative nanites, micro matter converter, micro assembly system) / 5' 11" / Compact magrail battle rifle / Twin magrail machine pistols / 18" vibro combat knife
- Personality: A totally ruthless killer, and yet an utterly reliable friend. He’s also extremely protective of the weak and innocent.
Backstory: A contract mercenary with mysterious origins.

If so, I could start on my own or with the protoss.
Your accepted dude.

I missed that... HOW?!?!?!?
Can I still join? If so here is the character sheet.

Name: Karamveer, but he is often known to the few who remember him as "The Lost One"
Age: 691
Race: Protoss (Dark Templar)
Description: A tall templar who wears a few pieces of Zealot armor (the armor is hidden under a long cloak most of the time) with a ragged cloak over it. His eyes glow with a dark blue and his warp blades are on his wrists. He flies a scout that he modified to be able to cloak.
Backstory: At one point Karamveer was a zealot. Then, something happened (he won't say exactly what, but he hints at a battle) to him early in his life that caused him to exile himself. He eventually ended up on Shakuras where he chose to take the ways of the Dark Templar. Ever since then, he has given up fighting to aimlessly wander the void with no real purpose or quest.
Sorry accidentally hit "submit" button twice
Hmmm I would join but *looks at koro* I sadly have no way to change my port nor would I till I got perhaps nova but even then i love the wolf marine port.
@Fenrir: You can join dude

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