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I figured if I relay this to all of the sc2 races' forum discussions, I would be more successful. With that being said:
Fusion means to bond 2 or more things together. Exalt, in many of its definitions, means to rise in rank. So, FusionExalt means to bring sc2 players together and rise in rank.
-------------------------------------------Clan Information and requirements-------------------------------------------
Clan name: Fusion Exalt
Clan tag: FX
You can contact me in game: Xlayadre 946
Chat Channel: FusionExalt
I am on the game during the weekends, usually later in the day EST time.

Everyone is welcome to join the clan! This is a brand new and exciting start to lower leagues rising up to the ranks of diamond or higher ranking players becoming masters.
Skype or voice chat is NOT REQUIRED but if you want to, you can and it’s just helpful.
Must be at least 13 or mature enough not to BM everything and use the classic GG because no one uses it anymore. XD
We are not a super competitive clan but will love to do clan wars.
1v1, 2v2, FFA, custom events, and tournys will be offered as long as players commit to it and have fun.

Overall, we are a new and fun clan that would love new players to come and have fun playing with new or old players to rise up!
Thanks and please come join an epic clan!
I want in plz btw nice name
Thanks man, nice name and portrait, too. Basically, once you post, that's all the info I need. Character name and number is all.
Bump! ask if you have questions or think this needs anything!
I tried to go into your channel, but it was empty... does that happen often?
can i join?
954 that's character code
Sorry dude can't play for the rest of the month got grounded so yeah for not bring 1sheet home I'm 10 btw.
this is what I play byOur Father, which art in broodwar,Hallowed be thy Game.Thy tourny come. Thy will be done in SC2, As it is in SC1.Give us this day our daily ladder.And forgive us our tears,As we forgive them that qq against us. And lead us not into imbalance, But deliver us from evil. For thine is the bonjwa,The micro, and the macro,For ever and ever.GAmen' written by rrcars
Looks decent: add me up fingrknitter 499
ahhh i forgot wat chapter and verse tat it is in
Yeah, the channel might be empty because this clan is just now starting. Thanks for applying guys!
Bump! and still looking for players!
Speed Bump!
yo bro i'll join =D gold level toss, like a boss. plus i got Hots which is even more sauce ^.^
Gold level zerg. I'll see cuz this sounds cool, but not sure I wanna join a clan. But consider me in for now!
11/11/2012 05:26 AMPosted by Sharpshooter
I'm 10 btw.

thought 13 up ... ok then
Thanks NinjaAnt (likeaboss XD) and Sparkypop

11/20/2012 08:59 PMPosted by Sparkypop
I'm 10 btw.

thought 13 up ... ok then

Must be at least 13 or mature enough not to BM everything and use the classic GG because no one uses it anymore. XD

or mature enough, but thanks for pointing that out because any player can join if 13 or if they are mature, 10 is a really rare case though lol
I know right have like 3 other friends on starcraft who are 10.
Looking for some skills!

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